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        Cars in the capital to have a higher percentage of VLT on windows

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        As a result of the tragic gang-rape case that happened in 2012 December, car users will not be allowed to use the 'tinted glasses' in their vehicles in Delhi. This is being seen as a strong step by the government to keep a check on the rising numbers of molestation, harassment and rape cases, which happen quite regularly in the national capital. The growing concern for women's safety in the capital has raised a lot of question about the administration and the efficiency of the Delhi Police. This input was given by the Delhi Police, who claimed that they were unable to take actions against tourist vehicles, which are allowed a certain amount of leverage.

        The Delhi Police, ministry and the transport department of the state government has taken a decision, which shall allow only tourist vehicles with CCTV cameras inside to have window and rear glass curtains. It is expected that manufacturers of glass will start etching the percentage of Visual Light Transmission (VLT) on window, front and rear glasses. A road transport ministry official informed that discussions regarding the same would start taking place soon. Although, it does not guarantee safety, increasing VLT percentage will certainly put a check on the crimes that take place inside vehicles. VLT, the percentage of visible light that goes through a glazing system, is currently a mandatory minimum 50% for side windows whereas it is 70% for windows on the front and rear.

        Rapes, even after such widespread protests and strikes, have seen an increase in the national capital in recent months. These incidents have tarnished the city's reputation and a lot of corners are demanding stricter laws for the accused, going as far as awarding a death penalty to culprits. As a result of these events, the number of tourists coming to Delhi has also been falling with many international governments advising their citizens not tour the capital.