Car makers facing a dilemma with wide range of cars; still ready to welcome new brands

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Indian auto industry has become a sort of hub for the small cars with buyers showing the penchant for the same. Off-late the industry has witnessed frenzy amid the car makers to launch their products in the premium segments, including the Mini Cooper and the upcoming Hyundai Veloster as well as Mercedes-Benz B-Class. These launches made it even harder for the buyers to zero in on a particular car. The situation, as of now, is such that the car buyer does not have to search hard for a perfect model with plethora of cars available across every segment, remaining parallel with the demand of buyers. However, at the same time, with so many cars holding similar specifications in the same segment, it tends to confuse the customer rather than convincing him.

Car makers facing a dilemma with wide range of cars; still ready to welcome new brands |
Car makers facing a dilemma with wide range of cars; still ready to welcome new

The conditions was not so in yesteryears, when the only cars being manufactured in the country included Ambassador and Fiat with rest of them being imported. It was easy to select a car amid the limited options that were available in the country. But then Maruti emerged with the partnership of Japanese auto maker, Suzuki Motor to change the whole scenario. The impact of the venture was so loud that it attracted several overseas brands and contributed in the development of economy. Big players like Mitsubishi, Honda, General Motors, Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz forayed into the same and tasted the success with their innovative models.

Presently the auto industry in India is one of the fastest emerging markets across the globe and has been attracting more auto makers to invest. Among all the sections of the market, premium hatchback is counted among the most successful platforms, owing to their better suitability with Indian terrains and traffic. Indian buyers welcome such cars with an open heart, since they boasts of a complete package of luxury and performance in small dimensions.

Coming back to the recent launches, the Mini Cooper hatchback is one of the premium models that enjoy a great fan following in the country. As much as the car is pleasing on eyes, it is also fun to drive. The car holds a 1.5 litre petrol powertrain that can produce 122 bhp of maximum power. However, the car is absolute not the plain-Jane daily commuter with a price tag of Rs. 25.99 lacs, rather a status symbol.

Next on the cards is the Hyundai Veloster, which was showcased at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo held in earlier this year. The car has a three-door unique body style, which can be the USP of the model. Even though the details about its launch and price remain a mystery, the car has managed to stir quite a buzz among the auto enthusiasts. The upcoming from Hyundai will feature a 1.6 litre direct-injection petrol engine, which will have the potential to generate 138 bhp of peak power with 123 Nm of highest torque.

In the league of offering exciting models in the Indian market, Mercedes-Benz can never leave its name untouched. This time, the German auto maker will come-up with its B-Class, which was recently showcased at the Buddh International circuit, Greater Noida. The new car happens to be first of its kind in the country, creating a new segment for Sports Tourers. Expected to fall in the range of Rs. 23-29 lacs, the new Mercedes-Benz is speculated to wand a magic for the car maker.

Post launch of the aforementioned two new upcoming models, the decision for the buyers may complicate even more. However, one thing is for sure that the car lovers in the country will be delighted to have these new models on their domestic turf, adding to their options list.

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