Bugatti has only 8 Veyron models to sell

Bugatti has only 8 Veyron models to sell New Bugatti Veyron
author image Roger Dsouza
Tuesday 06 January 2015, 14:37 PM

Bugatti has established itself as a brand specialised for beautiful and fast cars. The Veyron is an example of such a car, which has designed for those who crave for speed. Incidentally, only eight models are left for selling purposes. The model has been manufactured since 2005 and was named after Pierre Veyron, the winner of 24 hours of Le Mans in 1939. Bugatti initially was able to sell 300 models of this legendary car and later on 150 units more after the launch of Grand Sport Edition.

Bugatti has only 8 Veyron models to sell

Bugatti Veyron is one of the most expensive cars of the brand and comes with an 8.0-litre mill, which comes with 16 cylinders. The cylinders are placed quite quirkily in a W contour. The preposterous mill is capable of touching 100 kilometres per hour in a matter of 2.46 seconds. This was the first car to break the barrier of 400 kilometres an hour. The standard model touches 407 kilometres an hour while the Super Sport takes 415 kilometres per hour. The basic version churns out 987 bhp and 1250 Nm while the other model generates 1184 bhp and a torque of 1500 Nm.

The brand is now under Volkswagen and the world is waiting for the next supercar, named Chiron. People who are looking for their Bugatti Veyron need to hurry to get a hand on the last few models of this supercar.

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