Brief analysis of Yamaha FZ v2.0

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Japanese bike maker Yamaha has taken a big step towards making its mark in the Indian market by launching new versions of its popular FZ and FZ-S models. Both Yamaha FZ and FZ-S are 150-cc motorcycles that have gained a lot of popularity in India, especially among youngsters, something that the firm has capitalised on by making cosmetic changes along with improving the fuel economy.

The main reason behind the introduction of these new variants has been derived from the rise in demand of models that have higher fuel efficiency and reduced emission levels. These fuel injected versions of Yamaha FZ and FZ-S have undergone changes in terms of mechanics as well, which has had an effect on the power levels.

Yamaha FZ version 2.0 has a engine with a lesser capacity of 149 cc, which is 153 cc in the previous variant. A result of this has been a slight reduction in power and torque figures. As compared to the previous version that churned out 13 BHP of power and 13.6 Nm of torque, this version delivers around 12 BHP and 12.8 Nm, respectively. In addition, Yamaha has paid special attention to the fuel injection system, making it in sync with demands of conscious buyers whose main concern is efficiency.

Brief analysis of Yamaha FZ v2.0 |
Brief analysis of Yamaha FZ v2.0

The utilisation of Blue Core technology has given a new dimension to Yamaha FZ v2.0, enhancing the overall performance of the engine drastically. According to company claims, the use of this technology helps in improvement of the fuel economy by up to 14 per cent, which is quite impressive. Yamaha has also made the addition of an Eco Indicator, which lights up and notifies in case the bike is being ridden in an eco-friendly way.

For all the changes made in the efficiency, Yamaha, being fully aware of importance of looks in Indian market, has added to the bikes’ style quotient to make it more appealing. The headlight of Yamaha FZ v2.0 is much more stylish than the previous version because of being sleeker and edgy. Yamaha has added new sets of decals on the headlight, side cowl and fuel tank, getting the version 2.0 label. The style quotient is further enhanced by new air scoops attached to fuel tank along with a freshly styled tandem seat and grab rails.

Revised suspension settings, redoing of the chassis to make it lighter and reducing the weight by 3 kgs are steps taken by the firm to enhance the riding ability of the Yamaha FZ v2.0. New tires have been provided by Yamaha both in front and rear to improve the handling of this bike. Industry experts feel that all these factors will combine well in making this bike a success in India.

As far as the pricing is concern, the new version of Yamaha FZ is priced at Rs. 76250 (ex-showroom, Delhi) and is available in Panther Black and Scorching Red colors. On the other hand, Yamaha FZ-S can be bought at Rs. 78250 (ex-showroom Delhi) with colour options Astral Blue, Cyber Green, Molten Orange and Moonwalk White.

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