BMW C1 E Electric Scooter

Wednesday 07 October 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

BMW C1E is the new name of the electric scooter produced by BMW. This scooter also carries a roof and complies with zero emission concepts. The scooter is yet not planned for production but is under consideration by BMW for its Mega City Project. This project will take on both two-wheeler and four wheeler forms of urban vehicles that currently fall under Daimler’s struggling Smart Division.

The new C1 E Scooter from BMW will be powered by 27bhp motor that gets its power from a plug-in 125 volt lithium-ion battery. BMW’s Efficient Dynamics program has further enhanced this power system supplied by US based company Vectrix. BMW has not released any official information about the new scooter neither has its revealed any technical information about its speed or range. According to the sources, the vehicle is capable of hitting 80kmph and the maximum range is around 85 km.

BMW had originally launched C1 concept in 2000 and was much touted at its urban dwelling vehicle. It had an added appeal as it did not require the rider to wear a helmet due to its steel frame and integrated seat belt.

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