BMW 3 Series GT to launch in India soon

Saturday 21 September 2013, 12:30 PM by

BMW, the German luxury car maker, seems to be working on the launch of 3 Series GT in the Indian auto market. Reportedly, this model will be much more spacious and bigger than the current generation 3 Series, available in the country. Sources close to the development process have revealed that the upcoming GT will be a a longer, wider and taller version of the 3-series saloon, similar to the 5-series GT, which has been already offered in the Indian market. It must be noted that the 5-series GT was initially taken as an unique car by the Indian buyers and the car maker did not received a good response from the masses.

BMW 3 Series GT to launch in India soon |
BMW 3 Series GT to launch in India soon

However, the company is now looking ahead to make more sense to the new launched 3-series GT in the Indian market. Industry experts are of a view that with the launch of a new model, BMW is playing an attempt to offer the comforts of a saloon and space of an Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Reportedly, the current generation model of 3 Series sedan happens to be a benchmark in its respective segment, owing to its perfect blend of performance oriented engine, ample space and dynamic handling. It must be noted that all thee traits are an essential part of the GT model. On the lines of 5-series GT, the upcoming model will feature appealing looks. What makes it a head turning model is its stylised nose and modified bumper.

On the other hand, interiors of the upcoming 3 Series GT have been kept exactly same as the regular 3 Series model. However, as it is slightly taller, the passengers can feel the ample space within the car, which seems just perfect. In case of engine and performance, the upcoming model from the arsenal of BMW shall be provided in a diesel version during the initial phase. As the company believes that the GT model would particularly target the performance oriented buyers, it might give away a heavy dose power in the engine of 3 Series GT. The car might be offered in two trim levels namely 320d and 330d. In the former, the company might prefer giving a 4-cylinder engine having would derive power from 3.0-litre engine while in 330d the same displacement shall be provided but in form of a 6-cylinder engine. The car will feature a eight-speed transmission system that further transmits the power to the rear wheels. 3 Series GT 330d model is impressive in terms of performance having a capability to reach 100 kmph from naught in less than 8 seconds.

Unlike the 3 Series model, the GT version shall be more longer and wider and due to the difference in dimensions, it will also have an additional kerb weight of 200 kg. However, industry experts are doubting that GT model of 3 Series will be rough to handle as compared to the saloon version. Speculations are already building over the launch of 3 Series GT at the 2014 Auto Expo and the company is reportedly thinking of bringing the car through Completely Built Unit route in India. As far as the pricing goes, the car might be offered somewhere around Rs. 45 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh range.

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