Bike Festival of India's Safety Ride of 8170 km on Triumph Motorcycles

Monday 08 September 2014, 15:32 PM by

The National Safety Ride of the Bike Festival of India has taken an initiative to make the youth aware of the importance of wearing helmets. Safety while driving two-wheelers is an extremely important aspect both for the rider and the pedestrians. Biking communities had taken an active part in this awareness program, as a result of which, bikers of all communities were inspired. This ride was flagged off by renowned cricketer of the Indian national team, Ishant Sharma on the 31st of August. It will span over a period of 30 days and will cover approximately 8100 kilometres across the country.

The riders have decided to take pit stops at several popular cities within the country. There they will make the local bikers and biking communities about the importance of safe biking. So far, riders have stopped at Ahmedabad, Vapi, Pune, Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaipur, Surat, Delhi and Ajmer. Safe riding and usage of helmets have been the primary focus for these riders, though they have focussed on other safety issues, as well. The ride started from New Delhi and the first leg was completed to Mumbai. This entire journey was stretched over a distance of 1500 kilometres.

After that, the journey moved on Pune, thus covering 1700 kilometres. The major part of the journey is still left. It moves on to Kolhapur for the time being and will proceed to Chitradurga, Ooty, Bangalore, Kochi, Salem and Vellore. From there, the journey turns eastwards. After the completion of the trip, the Bike Festival will be held at the Buddh International Circuit on 4thand 5th October, 2014. It is expected that the bikers will be inspired to increase the safety on roads. Triumph Motorcycles are the official partner for this memorable journey spanning over 8100 kilometres.

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