Auto Expo 2012: Pioneer displays innovative technologies

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Pioneer India Electronics Pvt. Limited, the leading audio-video solutions provider for the automobile segment, displayed a range of innovative technologies at the 11th edition of the Auto Expo. The technologies revealed by Pioneer at the Auto Expo included the latest Mixtrax technology and the company’s supreme HVT technology and SPL speakers.

The Mixtrax technology by Pioneer helps in converting an entire collection of songs into various tracks that can be personalised with the help of Pioneer products. By utilising the free Mixtrax music management software, the complete music collection of the customer is evaluated and the genre, musical attributes and beats per minute (BPM) are recognised. Every song is then tagged by the Mixtrax software and various playlists are created that are divided into diverse genres and musical styles like Beat, Chill and Thump. This software creates a discotheque like ambience in the car by using its advanced analysis techniques that determine the transition points of every song and effortlessly mixes tracks together.

Auto Expo 2012: Pioneer displays innovative technologies |
Pioneer displays innovative technologies

The HVT (Horizontal-Vertical Transforming) technology is a novel method that effectively decreases the speaker height and minimises unnecessary vibrations. This technology delivers excellent sound quality by converting ‘the horizontal movement of the voice coil into vertical movement of the diaphragm.’

Pioneer’s SPL (Sound Pressure Level) speakers and amplifiers are designed to produce enormous power required for achieving the highest sound pressure levels. Shingo Ikeuchi, General Manager, Pioneer India, said “One of Pioneer’s key strength is innovation in technological advancement. At Auto Expo, we are showcasing our break-through HVT technology speakers. With HVT technology, we have put a new benchmark in in-car entertainment, questioning the conventional wisdom of speaker dimensions & speaker locations. We have also powered one of our demo cars with custom made SPL amplifiers & speakers which produce competition level hi-decibel sound.”

Gaurav Kulshrestha, Marketing Manager, Pioneer India, states that the latest range of the Pioneer products is entirely different from the earlier ones. The newest range demonstrates Pioneer’s technological progress in the car entertainment segment. Pioneer’s new range combines different technologies to provide an excellent audio experience. He further adds “Considering the demand for versatile audio solutions, we are introducing a wider range of solutions, starting from mecha-free (Digital media receivers) to five different touch-screen based head-units for both budget conscious & feature conscious consumer.”

Pioneer India Electronics Pvt. Limited developed two demo cars especially for displaying its latest range at the Auto Expo so that visitors can get hands-on experience.

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