Audi launches A6 Matrix via video press release - Industry's first digital launch campaign

author image Nikhil Puthran
Thursday 20 August 2015, 15:56 PM

German automaker Audi has always been known for innovation at its best. In the past big names from sports and Bollywood fraternity like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone , Virat Kohli , Saif Ali Khan and John Abhraham have been a part of launch events. This time around as a pleasant surprise, Audi has launched the A6 Matrix over digital media platforms like - Youtube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and E-Mailers . The best part about the campaign is a Video Press Release featuring Mr. Joe King, Head, Audi India, where he can be seen addressing media on the highlights of the new Audi A6 Matrix .

Prior to launch the company initiated a Pre-Launch teaser Campaign – ‘The Audi M atrix Revolution’ across Twitter, Facebook and Youtube talking about the upcoming launch. Based on ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ philosophy, King was seen addressing media on the highlights of the new Audi A6 Matrix via Whatsapp and Youtube .

The video showcases the car and highlights its features giving media a virtual preview. This video was uploaded on Youtube and shared over Twitter and Facebook as well reaching out to more than 3.5 Million Audi fans on Facebook and 60,000+ followers on Twitter. The feature loaded stylish sedan has been launched for Rs 49.5 Lakh (Ex-showroom Delhi).

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