Another Whooping Release at EICMA 2014 - New Yamaha R1

Thursday 06 November 2014, 12:52 PM by

Who would believe that the first variant of Yamaha R1 was released 17 years prior to today? Following the legacy, Yamaha recently released the New Yamaha R1 at the on-going EICMA 2014, being held at Milan, Italy.

There has been a controversy with the release of this bike. It is being said because it strikes as an ordeal to some of the people who catch a glance of this bike. But most of the people are attracted to these looks.

Another Whooping Release at EICMA 2014 - New Yamaha R1 |
New Yamaha R1

Quite clearly, looks are not the only feature this bike is being talked about. The 200 PS of raw power is being churned out from the front inclined 998 cc parallel four-cylinder engine. The highest torque value of 11,500 is being obtained by this monstrous engine. Steps have been taken to eliminate the weight of the bike to as much extent as possible. The use of Aluminium Delta Box frame is doing the task as well.

The bike is also loaded with various other features. This includes 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit, which will be acting as the brain of the bike. The bike also comes with a Traction Controller, Launch Controller, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), etc. In all, this would make the bike, a pleasure to ride on the road.

The bike has an exceptional look, which looks great from all the sides. Despite the controversy that people are developing against the looks of the bike, it still is a great deal. This may also be because of the new design staring in our face, which we are not used to. So if given ample amount of time, this bike might make a comfortable impression in the customer's eyes. After all, Yamaha has a strategy that won’t let this power-packed vehicle go in vain.

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