A legal on-road Sports Bike - Honda RCV213V-S Prototype launched

Thursday 06 November 2014, 12:48 PM by

The EICMA Auto Show is always a great success due to the thousands of concept bikes it shows each year, which gives a chance for the companies to showcase their beta versions to the world. Held in Milan, Italy this year, a large number of companies showcased their talent, and one such company was Honda.

The dream of riding an on track sports bike on road will now become easy as Honda has planned to launch Honda RCV213V-S, which resembles the Rapsol Honda racing bike from MotoGP. The whole bike is carved out of carbon fibre.

A legal on-road Sports Bike - Honda RCV213V-S Prototype launched | CarTrade.com
A legal on-road Sports Bike - Honda RCV213V-S Prototype launched

The Honda RCV213V-S has been designed and created in such a manner that no difference can be made out of this prototype and the MotoGP racing car. The only variation is the installation of the headlights, which are to comply by the traffic rules. The name RCV213V-S indicates the bike. RC is Honda’s way of racing for four-stroke bikes. The number 213 denotes that it is 21st century bike, and the V is for the type of engine.

Carbon Fibre is said to be extremely durable and reliable. The bike will be getting its power from a 1L V4 engine, which generates a considerable amount of power around 200 HP. The only problem that is prone to occur when thinking of buying this bike is the price. The carbon fibre is also very expensive, and so is the engine, and yet so is the work done on this bike. Being accurate costs a fortune, and in this case, it will cost you the labour of the machines and the workers who laid their efforts on the bike. If launched, this bike would cost around $130,000, which is quite a large amount.

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