5-star safety rating for Vento TSI

5-star safety rating for Vento TSI New Volkswagen Vento
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Saturday 21 May 2016, 10:32 AM

Recent Global NCAP tests saw Indian-made cars score zero for safety. However, Volkswagen’s Vento TSI sedan has managed to score a maximum possible 5 stars for safety. ASEAN NCAP conducted the crash test in October 2013 and have just released the data following the car’s launch in Malaysia.

Volkswagen Vento

In October 2013, ASEAN NCAP crashed VW Polo Sedan (Vento) with 4 airbags and ABS only. The test included the frontal offset crash test at 63kmph in which the Vento scored a laudable 4/5 stars. However, since then Volkswagen has updated the Vento and it now gets additional safety features like Hill-Hold and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with its DSG-equipped models. These additions have led to NCAP upgrading the Vento’s rating to a 5-star. ASEAN NCAP did not physically crash another Vento but applied their testing methods to the updated car.

Even though the Vento TSI’s ratings have upgraded, the rest of the range barring the Vento TDI DSG will remain at the earlier 4-star crash rating. Manual variants of the Vento and the 1.6 MPI automatic lose out on ESC and Hill-Hold and will hence remain 4-star rated cars.

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