2017 Volvo XC60 buying guide

2017 Volvo XC60 buying guide New Volvo XC60
author image Desirazu Venkat
Tuesday 12 December 2017, 21:10 PM

Volvo appears to have taken a major step forward with its India operation thanks to the local assembly of the XC90. The next product to start life on the assembly line will be the XC60 which has been launched in India at Rs 55.90 lakhs.

It can be had in a single, top-of-the-line, diesel engined Inscription variant and is being brought in via the CBU route. It is Volvo’s new mid-size offering and in this fully loaded trim, it offers as much if not more as compared to its rivals. Here then, are the highs and lows of buying a new Volvo XC60.

The good
You get a lot of car for your money’s worth; in fact, the XC60 is quite a bit more loaded up than the equivalent SUVs from Germany or the UK. What’s more, since this is a Volvo, you get a whole load of safety features and mechanisms like Auto Park and lane departure warning.

The bad
It looks too similar to the XC90 and simply put, the XC60 is a scaled down version of the larger XC90. It even has the same silhouette and overall design. Also, there is no petrol option besides the fact that it is only offered in the top spec variant.

Engine-2.0-litre diesel turbocharged
Output: 235bhp/ 480Nm
Gerabox: Eight-[peed AT/AWD system

The Volvo XC60 is to the S60 range of cars what the S90 range is to the more expensive models.

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