2017 BMW i3 gets a bigger battery, covers 183 kilometres

2017 BMW i3 gets a bigger battery, covers 183 kilometres New BMW
author image Nikhil Puthran
Monday 02 May 2016, 15:38 PM

2017 BMW i3 is all set to thrill electric car lovers once again. The new model will be powered by a bigger 33-kWh battery as a replacement forthe current 22-kWh battery. Owing to this upgrade, the 2017 BMW i3 will cover a distance of 183kms, which is about 53kms more than the current generation that covers 130kms distance.

BMW i3

The interesting part is that, though the new battery is about 50 per cent more capacity, its physical pack size remains the same. The car is capable of fully charging up in about 4.5 hours. The range-extender version of the i3 will also be powered by this new battery. To additionally thrill car fans, BMW has introduced the Protonic Blue metallic colour which has been popular with the i8, on the i3.

The company is also believed to be working on an all-wheel drive system for future M cars. Currently, though the cars come with a rear-wheel drive mechanism, but with improved performance figures, it is not evoking satisfactory customer response from Switzerland and Canada markets. The M5 might be the first one to get the all-wheel-drive systems. It is likely that these new M cars might be branded as xDrive, 2+2WD or something similar.

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