2014 Mercedes S-Class promises to be a new name in luxury

2014 Mercedes S-Class promises to be a new name in luxury New Mercedes Benz S Class
author image Roger Dsouza
Saturday 18 May 2013, 10:23 AM

German luxury vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has always been the epitome of design, comfort and engine power. This can be clearly understood once again by looking at the new 2014 S-Class. The luxurious sedan has set the benchmark in technology and innovation for many years now and will surely continue to do the same, with this new model.

2014 Mercedes S-Class promises to be a new name in luxury

It is difficult to begin at a specific point while talking about the features of this luxurious sedan. Some interesting features in the new S-Class are Air-balance and Intelligent Drive, along with LED lights. This is the first time that automated driving has been introduced in a production vehicle. S-Class limousines have the capability to notice bumps and potholes on approaching roads and can adapt suspension for the same, for providing maximum comfort inside, which is achieved through a road surface scan, done by a stereo camera.

All lights in the new S-Class have been replaced by the more expensive LED lights. The vehicle has a lane warning system, which alerts the river in case cars are approaching close to each other from adjacent lanes. The car will gauge if a rear end collision is imminent and can apply brakes as well as switch on hazard lights to minimise injury to occupants. In addition, if the driver happens to be very drowsy the S-Class can automatically move out of danger. As per Mercedes-Benz, this is the most advanced S-Class ever to have been created. An interesting testament to the same is that the driver can also choose whatever perfume he or she wishes to circulate in the cabin, through an atomiser in the air conditioning system. However, the convenience of this may not be very effective in India, since most affluent people would be driven in the S-Class by their chauffeurs. With the help of the Air-Balance system, active perfuming can be switched on and off, manually. This is the first time such technology has been introduced in any car the world over. Intensity of perfume spell can also be adjusted manually.

If it was not just the technology available at hand, the interiors are also equally breathtaking. Perfect coordination between materials and colours has resulted in a classy single mould interior. Wooden trims have been elaborately used, especially in the dashboard and around the central console. Two high-resolution TFT 12.3 inch screens in 8:3 format are present at the information system of this car. Through the Speech Dialog System, voice entries can be made using the Linguatronic system, that activates voice commands easily.

A range of powerful petrol, diesel and hybrid powerplants will be available for the new S-Class. Not only will these be more powerful than the outgoing engines, but will also be more fuel efficient. With this vehicle, Mercedes-Benz India sure has the potential to get ahead of BMW and Audi in this segment of ultra luxury sedans.

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