MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) also known as MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) is a vehicle which looks like a van and is intended for personal use in India. They have forward mounted engines and are taller than sedans and hatchbacks. More than visual appeal, these vehicles concentrate more on the functionality purpose.

MPV/MUV Cars Highlights:

·         Available in Compact, Medium & Large dimensions* (* can be Body Types)  

·         Flexible Seating capacity with extra luggage space 

·         Higher utility with low cost of operation 

·         Best vehicle type for long trips with family and friends 

·         Larger & heavier vehicles than crossovers 

·         Robust & Economical

Difference between MPV/MUV and SUV Cars:


SUV Cars

Designed like a van

Sporty design with off-road potential

Smaller engines

Larger engines

Reduced servicing costs

Standard servicing costs

FWD (Front Wheel Drive) / RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)

AWD (All Wheel Drive) OR RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)

Fuel Efficient & Affordable

Performance based and Expensive