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If you are looking for a world class off-road vehicle
Posted by Girish on September 29, 2011
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If you are looking for a world class off-road vehicle, then look no further from Mercedes Benz M Class. I purchased M Class ML350 Sport and have been experiencing nothing more than performance and luxury. I consider this vehicle as one of the best in luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).

The cabin has one of the best comfort features that I have ever seen in a SUV of any brand. The ride quality in hilly regions have been made super comfortable and smooth. This is because of Downhill Speed Regulator (DSR), finely balanced brakes, transmission and acceleration control. The moment you enter the cabin, you will feel straight at home.

The most lucrative feature is the multifunction leather steering wheel with chrome highlights and gear shift panel. The cabin has plenty of legroom and headroom complimented with premium quality leather upholstery seating. Various gadgets that facilitate an enjoyable long ride are rear seat entertainment system which has 8-inch screen on the head restraints and two wireless headphones.

Being an off-road vehicle, the car is bound to have numerous standard as well as additional safety and security features. In order to facilitate a safe ride, the car has a Electronic Stability Program (ESP), electronic traction system, energy absorbing crumple zones, head and neck adaptive air-bags, head restraints and front seat window-bags.
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Girish | Sep 29, 2011

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