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by Shiva Shankar
13 November 2013

Maruti Suzuki Eeco ownership Experience

In order to help consumers make a proper choice, we undertake user experience interviews. These interviews help all understand the merits and demerits of the car after using it for long. It also makes them conclude if they would recommend the car to others or refrain all from buying it. This week, we have we have Interviewed Ms Rani, who is an owner of Maruti Suzuki Eeco since August 2013, its run around 2300KM till date.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco ownership Experience -

Technical Specifications of Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Make Maruti Suzuki
Model Eeco
Engine type MultiPoint Injection
Engine CC 1196
Power in PS/RPM 73/6000
Torque in NM 101/3000
Transmission 5/M
Dimensions in mm
Length 3675
Width 1475
Height 1800
Wheel base 2350
Ground clearance 160
Minimum Radius 4.5
Kerb weight in KG 908
Tyres 155/60 R13
Fuel Tank capacity in Liters 40
Mileage  18

Below is the brief interview regarding her ownership experience with the car?

Question: Since when do you own this car, what motivated you to go for this brand and model?

Answer:  We bought it under partnership with our colleagues. It’s a car we chose for car pooling. Earlier we had Maruti Omni. We used it for about 3 years and for upgrading choose Eeco.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Question: Can you compare your experience with the earlier models to the present one?

Answer:  Earlier we had Maruti Omni .It was a reliable car for our daily usage. However some of the drawbacks include no much interior comfort, lack of power with 8 people on board.  In the Eeco, there is better comfort and it’s a fun to use car ever for regular usage. Also there is sense of driving a bigger and modern car.

Question:  Tell something about the present status of your car

Answer: When we bought the car, it was for Rs, 4.08Lakh with virtually no accessories. Later on we have spent around Rs. 35,000 for some of the accessories including music system.

Questions: How is experience compared to earlier cars?

Answer:  Obviously it’s a better experience as we have a powerful car with better interiors compared to Maruti Omni. We have taken it for long drives of around 500 km with interim stops. It’s a good experience of driving the Eeco on highways. I could drive up to 100kmph max during highway driving.The driver seat and co driver seat are well cushioned and offer best of comfort for long drives.

Question: How about cost per service?


Answer:  Generally cost per service could be around Rs. 3000 including change of oil, tuning, washing etc. Second free service is due.

Question: Any accident repairs done, insurance claimed?

Answer:  As we are all experienced drivers, we give top preference for safety than speed. So far no accident repairs done and even none were done for Omni also.

Features of variants of Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Features 5 Seater STD 5 Seater AC 7 Seater
Air conditioner No Yes No
Integrated head rest front row Yes Yes Yes
Digital Meter clusture Yes Yes Yes
Interior colour Dual Tone Dual Tone Dual Tone
Tubeless tyres Yes Yes Yes
Electric power steering Yes Yes Yes
HVAC Yes Yes Yes
Dual AC  No Yes Yes
Tilt steering Yes Yes Yes
Central locking No Yes Yes
Power windows No Yes Yes
Seating 5 5 7
Ex Showroom Price Mumbai 336608 366598 353766

Question: How about mileage?


Answer: We are getting mileage of around 14Kmpl in city and 18in highway .That’s quite good considering traffic conditions during peak hours.

Question: Can you tell us about your experience in long drives


Answer: We had taken long drives of around 500KM or so. Generally we use it for taking to work place now and then and for family outings in weekends. It was never a problem in taking it for long drives including night time driving. It’s a hassle free car provided one maintains it well.

Question: Any brake down faced and how was it solved?
Answer: No Brake down faced till now.

Question: Any good and bad experience at service station?

Answer: Service quality is good with respect to workmanship. We did not face any problem with service.The service people do give high importance to quality work and delivery in time. However the service cost at authorized service centers is bit high.As my vehicle is still in warranty we prefer to take it to authorized service centers only.

Question: How do you rate the overall ownership, would you recommend the same to others?


Answer:  We are satisfied with performance of the car. The cost for service is also manageable. Eeco has good resale value. We have plans of using it for long term before going for next upgrade.

Question: If going for new car which brand and make would you choose and why?

Answer: Currently we don’t have plans of going for other car.However to mention one, I think Ertiga would be a good selection as its 7 seater and available in both petrol and diesel version and well proven in performance.

Question: What’s your opinion about choosing between petrol and diesel version car?


Answer: These days price of petrol is increasing at alarming rate. Even diesel price is also increasing but with lesser frequency. I heard news about increasing diesel car price by more than 1.0 Lakh. As per our usage i.e. from home to work place and from Work place to Home, petrol version is good enough.


In the review one can notice that there is good feedback about owning of Eeco .It’s the most preferred vehicle for car pooling purpose. Car pooling is need of the day. The more people engage in car pooling there is a good saving of fuel and reduced traffic jams .Eeco makes a good car for car pooling as it’s available in 7 seater version combined with decent performance.



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