Land Rover Range Rover Sport Car Expert Reviews

by Vikrant Singh
3 star rating Ratings: 3 from 2 user(s)

You got to love the subtlety here. No chrome, no over the top badging, and nothing – not even a body kit – that screams ‘special’. But, make no mistake this mystic blue coloured Range Rover Sport is no ordinary car. It is the manic but agreeable t...

by Aditya Chatterjee
4 star rating Ratings: 4.83 from 6 user(s)

It costs as much as a house and comes loaded with equipment and comforts of a Jetliner. Oh Yeah, it also does 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. Should you cancel that big investment and instead get this? We tell you in our review....


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