Jaguar XF Review: The Boldilicious

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Jaguar XF Review: The Boldilicious - CarTrade

author image Aditya Chatterjee
Saturday 10 May 2014

Jaguar XF Review: The Boldilicious

English, the lingua franca in many regions, is the leading language of communication. Many countries rely on it as a medium to express their ideas globally. Even though it is spoken by a great number of people, the way Brits speak it, it’s very different. Their pronunciations are soft and gentle. They are not too keen on using a slang to describe something but then they choose to elaborate it.

Britishers, known for their historic legacy, have always inspired life in every form be it ancient history or modern art. Mentioning of Britishers and inspiration, how can one dare to ignore Jaguar, the iconic English car marquee. Jaguar cars have always featured in dream car list of many enthusiasts.

Jaguar XF

Among the different models sold in India, the XF is one popular model. This luxury sedan comes in numerous trims and engine options. We decided to take the youngest and the newest addition to the XF, the 2.0L petrol, for a brief spin. 


Flowing lines, amazing character and designed to impress are the key traits of a typical Jag. The roaring logo teamed up with classic British design, puts Jaguar cars in a different league. They can’t be stereotyped like the Germans. Each model seems to have a unique story behind it.

Jaguar XF Pictures 24

The XF too is not behind its more expensive siblings. Nested on a chrome grille, the roaring logo looks all ready to tear souls. The slim and stylish HID Bi-function Xenon headlamps paired with the J Blade LED daytime running lights look impressive. Further attention to the detailing and one would see the chrome wings affixed on the lower air vents. The long flowing hood gets strong muscular lines which are camouflaged gently.

Jaguar XF Pictures 1

Generally, the side profile has nothing but length of the car but then this a Jaguar. With its classic 2 door sports saloon inspired design lines, this four door luxury sedan seems to have it all. It has a gentle yet strong shoulder line. The way the roof line climbs gently over the B pillar and then gradually drops is nothing but beautiful. There are air vents just behind the front wheel fender with the brand name embossed in chrome. The 2.0L gets humble 17” Libra alloy wheels unlike the delicious 18” which comes as standard on the 3.0L Diesel.

Wide rear tail-lamps connected with a chrome bar gives the XF a power rear look. It might be the easiest to own but gets no badging to differentiate it with other variants. To make it look sporty, this one also gets dual exhaust pipes. The Jaguar XF guarantees a second..third..fourth etc look. It looks way different from the cliché Germans.

Jaguar XF Pictures 2


Step inside the XF and it feels home to a swanky lounge. While others rely on chrome and gloss to compel the passengers to feel premium, Jaguar plays it smart and suave with wooden finished trims. It undoubtedly feels premium but then the minute details and the painstakingly perfect finishing pushes the envelope further.

Jaguar XF Images 23

The leather front seats are electrically adjustable. Different permutations with settings will set the seats to the exact desired position. The stitch quality and the leather feel is superb. Stretching legs is also not a problem in first row for taller passengers. While the rear section might not be as generous in offering room, it will still make sure the occupants are pampered by the cushy seats.

Jaguar XF Images 11

Instrumentation is simple yet intelligent. The instrumental cluster just sports the basic speedometer and tachometer. It displays gear engaged and other vital information useful for daily running. Move on to the central console and a 7inch touch screen infotainment system waits to entertain you. This screen acts as a hub to control all possible controls ranging from controlling multimedia, attending calls to adjusting individual zone AC temperatures. The buttons and knobs sport an amazing finish.

If luxury is your indulgence then Jaguars will not fall short in impressing you. Wooden trims, soft buttons, greatly stitched seats you name it and the XF has it. The interiors of this luxury chariot don’t seem to compromise on anything at all.

Jaguar XF Images 4


Jaguar cars have always enjoyed the image of being extravagant in performance. They will not just pass by but will make sure they get every bit of your attention by entertaining all your senses possible.

Jaguar XF Pictures 23

Get inside and strap on the safety belts, a pulsatingly blinking Start/Stop button waits patiently. Click on it and the silent 2.0L engine gets fired up. If you stepped inside the cabin to enjoy the symphony of Jag’s popular howling note, you might be surprised. This engine, at idling, can give cat’s purr some complex. It is barely audible unless your leg wants to hear it sufficiently by giving it a hard push.

Jaguar XF Pictures 20

Are you much used to pushing and pulling of automatic gear levers? Say Hello to style. There is no gear lever mounted on the central console but instead a precision-milled aluminium Jaguar Drive Selector which rises up from the central console surrounded by wooden vinyl. Twist it to the desired mode and this Jag obediently listens. The AC vents, which have to be the most stylish compared to any other car in this segment and higher, roll open in unison.

Jaguar offers Meridian 250W music system with 8 Speakers and 8 channel amplifiers. The music quality of this system is simply fantastic. Even at higher decibels, the clarity of the music is crystal clear. One can make suitable settings with the help of the touch screen unit mounted on the dashboard. Even pairing external devices is very easy with plug-in options provided under the front central armrest.

Jaguar XF Pictures 18

Big on impact but small on heart, this 2.0L Ford sourced engine generates 240PS of power at 5500 rpm. It produces 340Nm of torque at 1750 rpm. Jaguar claims that this baby XF can do a 0 to 100 Km/h in 7.9 seconds and also can reach a limited maximum speed of 250 Km/h.

Jaguar XF Pictures 17

Being smaller in displacement, this one will not push you back with a mad rush. It has a gentle power delivery. This mill is not meant to be tortured with high end performance. It gradually builds momentum and then stays strong till the end of power band especially at 3000 rpm where the engine gets athletic. Downshift it at 3K rpm and then it begins to lap in higher speeds with great ease.

Jaguar’s patented Sequential Shift system works in tandem with the engine. It is amazingly precise and smooth. Even at higher engine speeds, correct and crisp downshifts help you propel faster. Turn the selector into S mode and it descends to a height. The instrumental cluster also gets dramatic and displays the sport gear mode with 8 speeds highlighting the particular gear.

Jaguar XF Pictures 21

The almost sober 2.0L gets alive when the drive is on Sports mode. The difference in the dynamics is evident with the tachometer needle swinging a lot faster. Get on the shifting paddles and you can take the XF around corners easily. Even at the tightest of corners, it exhibits amazing confidence. The ride quality is not as stiff as a BMW but then it has its share of precision with decent feedback. The suspension setup is best suited for soft rides. At high speeds too, the XF continues to perform brilliantly with an army of electronics working hard to make sure you don’t loose your trail.

Jaguar XF Pictures 15 

Technical Specifications
 Make Jaugar
 Model XF
Variant 2.0 Petrol
Engine Displacement 1999
Power (PS/RPM) 240/5500
Torque (Nm/RPM) 340/1750
Transmissions 8/A
Dimensions in mm
Length  4961
Width 1877
Height 1460
Wheel Base 2909
Claimed fuel efficiency in KMPL 10
Tyre size Front 225/45 R18
Tyre size Rear 225/45 R18
Tank capacity in Liters 68
Kerb Weight (Kg) 2240
Turning circle Radius 5.6
Trunk Volume in L 500
Ex showroom Mumbai in Rs 48,62,000
Features 2.0 Petrol
Protective body sell Yes
Airbags Front,Rear,side curtain Yes
Emergency brake assistant Yes
Electronic brake force distribution Yes
Anti lock brakes Yes
Traction control Yes
Dynamic stability control Yes
Cornering brake ontrol Yes
Engine drag  torque control Yes
Servo tronic steering Yes
Intelligent front lighting Yes
Day and night running lights Yes
Integrated steering controls Yes
Jaugar drive selector and control Yes
Adaptive Dynamics Yes
Cruise control Yes
Intutive visual control Yes
Jaguar XF Competitors
Variant 2.0 Petrol 2.0 TFSI Sport Line
Engine CC 1999 1984 1997
Power (PS/RPM) 240/5500 180/4000 245/6500
Torque (Nm/RPM) 340/1750 320/3500 350/4800
Transmission 8/A 7/A 8/A
Dimensions in mm
Length  4961 4915 4624
Width 1877 1874 1811
Height 1460 1455 1429
Wheel Base 2909 2912 2810
Claimed fuel efficiency in KMPL 10 13 14
Tyre size Front 225/45 R18 225/55 R17 225/45 R18
Tyre size Rear 225/45 R18 225/55 R17 225/45 R18
Top speed KMPH - 226 250
Tank capacity in Liters 68 75 60
Kerb Weight (Kg) 2240 1795 1950
Turning circle Radius 5.6 5.5 5.5
Trunk Volume in L 500 530 500
Ex showroom Mumbai in Rs 48,62,000 42,98,000 41,50,000
  Protective body sell Adaptive air suspension Bi Xenon Headlights
  Airbags Front,Rear,side curtain Electrical sunblind for rear window Fog lights
  Emergency brake assistant Driver information system with 7" colour display Multi function sport steering wheel
  Electronic brake force distribution Electrically adjustable driver seat Electical seat adjustment
  Anti lock brakes 4 Way lumbar support I Drive with 16.5cm colour display
  Traction control Cruise control Airbags Front,Rear,Side
  Dynamic stability control Electromechnical power steering ABS with brake asst
  Cornering brake ontrol Front center arm rest Cornering brake control
  Engine drag  torque control 4 zone delux automatic air conditioning Dynamic stability control
  Servo tronic steering Anti theft alarm with tow away protection Dynamic Traction control
  Intelligent front lighting Electronic stabilization program Immobilser with crash sensor
  Day and night running lights Full size side and rear airbags Leather Dakota Black/Red highlight

Even though the XF 2.0 Petrol is the junior most XF in the family, the comfort and equipments provided as standard won’t make you feel the same. Like we mentioned earlier, it is small in heart but then big on impact. Comparisons with the three Germans are bound to happen but then Jaguars have never been counted in the same league. The simple reason for that is while the others try hard to make their point, Jags do it effortlessly. It ditches cliché for niche.

Jaguar XF Pictures 16

Look at the XF as your entry in a unique class. It particularly targets petrolheads who are sensible. During our test run, we got an overall mileage of 7 Kmpl. The XF is not an efficient car but then it is not meant to be one. The XF 2.0 makes fantastic sense for the young and aspirational trying to enter into niche automobiles with a unique touch. Jags are supposed to be enjoyed and the XF does that just fine.

And for those who love to live life fuelled by adrenaline, they can go all berserk and invest in a 625Nm torque producing 5000cc V8 Jaguar XFR. The insane exhaust note from those well crafted 8 cylinders will obviously tantalize your senses but also make sure you have some unhappy neighbours.

Jaguar XF Images 1


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