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Jaguar F-Pace
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  • Jaguar F-Pace
    Pratheek Kunder
    18 May 2017
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    The world has shifted its focus from sedans to SUVs and crossovers. So when a company like Jaguar develops an SUV, that’s a confirmation of this paradigm shift. People want vehicles with better ground clearance, bold ....

  • Jaguar F-Pace
    Santosh Nair
    07 Nov 2016
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    This is Jaguar’s first ever SUV. Called the F-Pace, it has less in common with Land Rovers, and in fact shares its underpinnings with the XE and XF saloons. So, with monocoque-based SUVs being the ongoing fad thanks to their inherent ability to attack t....
  • Jaguar F-Pace
    Ameya Dandekar
    11 May 2016
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    This is Jaguar's first attempt at making an SUV and a sporty one at that. If not anywhere else in the world, a sporty SUV makes lot of sense in a country like India due to our rough driving environment. They are practical, can tackle the worst of terrain,....