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      Ford Fiesta SXi - Long Term Ownership Review

      Shiva Shankar

      Shiva Shankar


      On, we receive several queries about which car one should buy. Oftentimes, the queries are not too much about the performance and comfort of today, but regarding the long term implications of owning the car. What is the mileage, and how is the service? Are there any niggles which come out only after a while?

      As a result, many people use our Questions and Answers section to get in touch with other car owners, in order to receive comments for and against each make and model.

      Now, with the recent launch of Ford’s rejigged Ford Fiesta Classic, and with the upcoming launch of company’s Fiesta Global, many consumers are considering the Fiesta in their purchase decision for a mid level sedan, and we receive many queries on the Fiesta.

       To help these people as well as starting a new series on, we decided to conduct an interview with a long term Fiesta owner, Ms Deepu Rani, a civil engineer from Bangalore. Driving cars is her passion and she has driven many cars, including her own Ford Fiesta and Endeavour. In today’s article, Ms Rani shares her ownership experience of the Fiesta.


      Ms Rani owns a Ford Fiesta Sxi Diesel, purchased new in 2007. The Ford Fiesta SXi diesel features a 4 cylinder, 1399cc engine, delivering a maximum power output of 68PS@4000rpm and torque of 160NM@2000rpm. It carries a 5 speed manual transmission and uses advanced common rail injection. The quoted Fuel efficiency for the Ford Fiesta Sxi diesel ranges from 16 KMPL in the city to 18KMPL in highway.

       Key features in the Ford Fiesta SXi include power steering, power windows , leather upholstery etc .

       Let’s talk to Ms Rani and find out her experiences.

      Q: Since when do you own the car, and what motivated you to go for the brand and model?

      A: Earlier, we had owned a Maruti 800 and a Maruti Esteem. In 2007, we were looking for a premium sedan and were considering various options. As we were fascinated by the tremendous response and performance of the Ford Ikon, we decided to go for the Ford Fiesta.

      Q: What is the present status of your Ford Fiesta?

      A: We have used our Fiesta for around 80,000 km till date. We have only done a scheduled maintenance at each 10,000 KMs and have had no major repairs like change of clutch plate etc. In short, we find our Fiesta a trouble-free and highly reliable car.

      Q: How about cost per service?

      A: Most of the time, the service cost was around Rs 4,000, including change of oils, washing etc.

      Q: Have you suffered any accidents, leading to repairs or insurance claims?

      A: With god’s blessings, so far we have had no accidents and no body repairs.

      Q: What has your car’s mileage been?

      A: So far, we are getting around 18KMPL in city and 21KMPL average on the highways. We are quite satisfied with the fuel efficiency.

       Q: Can you tell us about your experience in long drives?

      A: We have taken our Fiesta for several long drives of 500KM or so. We find that the Fiesta gives a comfortable ride, not much stress and many of the times I could drive at 140KMPH without vibration or excessive noise. Features like ABS, Leather interiors, and inbuilt music system add to the comfort and sense of safety. I also enjoy the steering and it is one of the major advantages with which we could steer easily in narrow space.

       Q: Any breakdown faced and how was the problem solved?

      A: So far no breakdown has occurred, however, once there was an excessive noise from the brakes and after taking to service center, it was solved

       Q: How has the experience at the service station been?

      A: Service quality is good with respect to workmanship but there is always delay in delivery of the car after service. It was never delivered on the same day of giving for service.

      Q: How do you rate the overall ownership of the Fiesta, would you recommend the same to others?

      A: We are satisfied with performance of the car. As we have alternate cars for usage, the disadvantage of the longer time for service was never a major problem, but it may be an issue for people with a single car.

      If the car is intended to be used excessively or on daily basis, then the Fiesta would certainly give satisfactory performance. With excellent steering and control systems, driving in city was not tiresome. I should also mention the music system in the car which is an essential part of the car for enjoyment of the drive. Finally, the seating in the car is very comfortable and spacious.

       Q: How do you compare the Fiesta to other cars you own or owned?

      I have owned Maruti 800 and Esteem earlier. Both have given decent performance with good mileage, however, the charm of comfort and style and performance of Fiesta is quite different and gives a sense of upgradation.

      Q: If going for a new car, which brand and make would you choose and why?

      A: Currently, we don’t have plans of going for another car. However, to mention one, as we have experienced good performance of Fiesta, first preference could be for the upcoming new Fiesta.


      Though the above interview seems to be giving full marks to Fiesta, and as it is based on the actual experience of an owner, the Fiesta does deserve the credit. However, with regard to service, there is need of quicker service facility at service centers of Ford dealerships. Also, since Ms Rani didn’t have any major work, the exact cost of extensive work could not be properly evaluated.

      In this article we have made an attempt to provide our viewers the actual experience of owning Ford Fiesta. In coming weeks we will interview owners of other car models also.

      Note from
      In the last month we had published a review on the Ford Fiesta Classic. The same can be used for details, specifications and comparison chart. Read the Ford Fiesta Classic Review

      As told to Shiva Shankar in June 2011

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