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DC Design is a India based design firm that excels in designing and building concept car models and their prototypes. Founded in 1993, the company holds its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The basic aim of this firm is to redesign and beautify mass market vehicles and create on-of-a-kind modified automobiles. They aim to serve the OEM automotive segment and cars connoisseurs. As of now, DC Design has been successful in producing more than 600 exclusively designed cars. Right from the humble Ambassador to stunning Aston Martins, DCD has sculpted each one with its proficient hands. Apart from designing and conceptualizing, the brand recently garnered special attention and applause for its first car the DC Avanti.  The first truly made-in-India sportscar, it was conceptualized, designed, as well as manufactured by the DC Design. The car is a true Indian rival against likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini at least in terms of look and feel if not performance.

Executive Management

The company is led by Mr. Dilip Chhabria who founded DC Design. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai.

Indian Operations

DC Design operations have been focused in India since inception. Its main studio is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra while showrooms are present in several other major cities. Though the company has setup a production facility in Sanand, Gujarat to produce DC Avanti.  

Products & Services

DC Design Studio is one-in-a-kind firm in the automobile world that has established its own range of services. The company mainly offers five types of services: Concepts, Standard, Specialty, Custom, and Interiors.

  • Concept: As evident from the name, this one focuses on concept models that revise the status quo of vehicles.

  • Standard: It is for those who wish to raise the standard of their vehicles. The studio artists work on specific parts like exteriors or interiors or both and give them a refined look. The company has already worked on Toyota Innova, Fortuner, Maruti Swift, Tata Nano, Hyundai i20, and several others.

  • Specialty: It includes the masterpieces that represent the pinnacle of artistry and craftsmanship.

  • Custom: The artists create exactly what you ask them to i.e. a vehicle especially designed as per your taste and only for you.

  • Interiors: Specially designed interiors that carry flair of sophistication and finesse in them.

Founder & First Car

DC Design was founded in 1993 by Mr. Dilip Chhabria. Prior to this, he worked at the General Motor’s Design Center in Detroit. His extensive experience in mass production inspired his dream of creating exclusively designed vehicles. The first car built to be produced from this studio was the Mahindra Invader in 1993. Initially, the company began with designing automobile parts and after a few years it became one of the most preferred designer auto parts makers. The company now designs complete vehicles along with small parts. The first car to be produced by the maker is the DC Avanti - a sportscar especially made in, for, and from India.


The vehicles created by DC Design are distinct with very specific features and each one is a masterpiece.

Resale Value

Since the DC Avanti is the first car solely developed by DC Design, it will be too soon to speak anything about resale value of this model.


Though in India, DC Design is one of its kind but it stands in competition with several others around the world like Bertone, Drive Design, Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios, Jamie Martin Design, and several others. Its first production, the DC Avanti rivals Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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