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        Skoda Superb Vs Toyota Camry

        Aditya Chatterjee

        Aditya Chatterjee

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        Niche car makers are lining up their entry level offerings at Rs 25 lakhs and beyond but then its popularity has completely taken the limelight away from larger and more luxurious sedans by popular car makers, which boast of more features and greater performance compared to these smaller offerings from niche car makers. Skoda, the company which has faced more lows than highs, has the Superb in this segment.

        The new generation Superb which was launched last year tried hard to lure consumers to its side but failed miserably and rightly so as the company still faces the stigma of poor after sales. On the other hand the Japanese car major, Toyota enjoys a status of being one of the most respected car brands in India. In terms of after sales, Toyota has a dense widely spread network. The Camry, which seats high above the rest as a flagship offering boasts of many fancy features.

        Exterior and Interior Design:  Skoda Superb Vs Toyota Camry

        Last year Skoda updated the Superb with a more modern exterior incorporating the company’s new design and ideologies. The new design feels a more cleaner and precise than before. Unfortunately for the fans of the earlier gen, the new Superb feels more edgy than curvy; it was a characteristic trait of Superb. The limousine meets the sedan design was an instant hit and Skoda too wanted to retain the same belief only for clearer sections and defined contour. The rear tail lamps have a new design along with a repositioned number plate section. The boot lid has been divided into two parts with a partition. The tail lamp now makes use of LEDs and lights up the lamps in the conventional C shape.

        Skoda Superb Exterior Pictures 22
        Skoda Superb Vs Toyota Camry

        The Toyota Camry is definitely not the best looking luxury sedan to woo anyone. In fact, it looks very boxy and edgy making it an oddly shaped car. To make it look richer than earlier, Toyota resorted on pouring oodles of chrome on the front and every pocket possible as Indian are known to have a special place for that blingyness. The headlights are new and so are the front and rear bumpers. In terms of length, there is a marginal increase and the main reason for the same are the restyled front and rear bumpers.

        Inside the Skoda Superb, it feels better than the Toyota Camry. The front row passengers get electrically adjusted seats. These seats can be adjusted in 12 different positions. Even after adjusting the front seats according to individual comfort, there is ample space for the rear passenger which is amazing. The steering wheel is rake and reaches adjustable.

        The story isn’t as rosy inside the Camry as they aren’t known for making something which can tease the niche senses of luxury connoisseurs. The front row door pockets can hold a 1L beverage bottle and other knickknacks. Rear door trim has a smaller pocket. There is also a provision to access the rear luggage space through the convenience window which opens up once the rear armrest is dropped.

        Performance: Skoda Superb Vs Toyota Camry

        The Skoda Superb comes with a 2.0L turbocharged 16V engine which makes an impressive 140PS and 320Nm of torque. Skoda offers an optional 6-speed dual clutch transmission unit in addition to the manual trims. The Camry does not set high position on the popularity chart sans a diesel engine. It gets a 2.5L gasoline motor which generates an impressive 181PS and 233Nm. There is no manual but a 6-speed sequential shift unit provided as standard. Also, Toyota is the only car maker to offer a hybrid in this segment.

        Toyota Camry Mirrors1
        Skoda Superb Vs Toyota Camry

        Conclusion: Skoda Superb Vs Toyota Camry

        The new generation Skoda Superb which will also make its debut in the following years will be a more promising version compared to this face lifted iteration. The only things speaking in its favour are features and performance while Skoda is still struggling with its miserable after sales network. The Camry can be a nerd among the masses with an optional hybrid but then doesn’t let you feel spoilt, which defies its purpose.

        Toyota Camry [2019-2022]
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