Mercedes Benz B Class Petrol/Diesel AT Vs BMW X1 Petrol/Diesel AT

Monday 27 Apr 2015, 1:25 AM

These entry level premium range starters have become extremely popular for their accessible options. In case you want a premium brand in your garage but are falling short of resources, there is an easy and small way to still pursue your dream. Mercredes-Benz sells the B-Class Sports Tourer at the very beginning of premium class. It is not an MPV, as assumed by many, but a bigger and more purposeful car than a hatch.

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Mercedes Benz B Class Vs BMW X1

There is no third row of seats and it is not the spacious kinds, instead you get a premium car with gadgets and features unseen in expensive cars by popular makers. It is more of an entry level graduation to the niche kinds. The BMW X1, which was launched as the most economical SUV, is not the sporty type as its low slung presence can dodge nothing of any big and complex shape. It is just an easy way to own a BMW car.

Exterior and Interior Design:  Mercedes Benz B Class Vs BMW X1

It was not long ago but mere months back when Mercedes-Benz launched the facelifted and more powerful B-Class in India. The most important change is that of the radiator grille and headlights as the latter gets more detailing than before. The front and rear bumpers have been modified and it now gets a fancy set of alloy wheels, which does not make it look sporty but enough to make the owner feel more premium.

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Mercedes Benz B Class Vs BMW X1

If the X6 and X5 have set high standards being BMW SUVs, the X1 is nothing similar to those beasts. It is more of a crossover which tries extremely hard to look like an SUV but loses its zeal in mid way. Agreeably, it looks more athletic than the B-Class and BMW also offers sportier alloy wheels. The rear profile is highly understated and lacks the rich feel.

The interiors of BMW X1 feel a bit drab especially compared to our second contender. It resembles other BMW cars and also offers strong build quality but then everything of that sort and at times even better is offered on cars like the Skoda Superb and Volkswagen Jetta. Mercedes-Benz knows exactly how to lure the luxury sensing buds of all as they make some of the best and finest in the range. The new B-Class has got fancier additions like better speedo tacho console, new steering wheel, larger central screen with better resolution and also a new knob to control the central COMMAND system.

Performance: Mercedes Benz B Class Vs BMW X1

The BMW X1 is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel unit which makes 177 bhp and 350 Nm of torque. It gets a standard six-speed automatic transmission without paddle shifts. While the newer B-Class has a 2143cc diesel unit making 136Hp of power and also comes mated with a revolutionary 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

Conclusion: Mercedes Benz B Class Vs BMW X1

The BMW X1 is a sporty offering with a rugged exterior design and subtle interiors while the B-Class feels more rich inside and also gets a modern and new look making it a better buy.