Mahindra Quanto Petrol/Diesel MT Vs Ford EcoSport Petrol/Diesel MT

Tuesday 06 Aug 2013, 10:14 AM

The compact SUV segment is like a playground now and all the manufacturers want to be the best players in this match. All of them are pitching their best to have a big share. While other manufactures are researching on new models, Mahindra played it smart by chopping the existing Xylo as the Ingenio platform is very flexible. The Quanto is just a chopped boot Xylo and nothing in addition to that. This one also gets a mCR100 engine to fall under the sub 4 metre benefits. The Quanto is available in diesel only and is priced at Rs. 6.03 lakhs to Rs. 7.53 lakhs.

Ford EcoSport can be compared to a most anticipated movie whose trailer was shown long back at the auto expo. Finally, after doing their routine tests, driving it for countless kms and dropping all possible hints to the scoop hungry media it was launched in a big way. If the launch of EcoSport was not sufficient for other manufacturers, Ford pushed the challenge a lot further by pricing the EcoSport at jaw dropping prices. In addition to the Duster which was expected to suffer a dent some of the premium sedans and hatches were not spared. The Ford EcoSport is available in petrol and diesel engine trims. It is priced between Rs. 5.96 lakhs to Rs. 9.44 lakhs.

Mahindra Quanto Vs Ford EcoSport: Exteriors

The Mahindra Quanto is a compact SUV which fits in the sub 4 meter SUV bracket. The smaller dimensions help in cutting the price and availing the tax benefits. The Quanto borrows heavily from elder brother Xylo which is very evident in its styling. Quanto gets the new Mahindra toothed radiator grille which gives it a family look. Raised headlamps with an aggressive line flowing all the way to the hood, give it a very prominent design. The front bumper is rather simple and features minimalistic profiles on it with fog lamps. It has a wide front windshield design which gives a better view from inside.

Mahindra Quanto
Mahindra Quanto

The front face of the EcoSport looks very much like a hippopotamus with a broad multi layered trapezoidal grille with sleek headlights on top. The face gives the EcoSport a familiar face with all its international models. A very close resemblance with the international Fiesta can be seen. The front hood is nicely chiseled and has a wide stance. The lines on the hood are very prominent and flow till the mid line between the headlights. The hood and the bumper are split by a very slim section and the Ford logo looks nicely placed in between.

Mahindra Quanto Vs Ford EcoSport: Interiors

The Quanto however displays some improvements over the Xylo in terms of the materials used. The fit and finish is sadly the same and has space for tremendous improvement.  The Aircon vents on either side come in chrome rings. The buttons and knobs too have been shared from the elder sibling.

Instrumental panel has a speedometer, tachometer along with the engine temperature and the trip meter. The design of the instrumental panel is very basic. The Quanto also carries a digital drive system which seems to offer a better response than the one in Xylo as this unit is easier to handle. The small screen displays the distance to empty, average fuel consumption and the current speed followed by the outside temperature, gear engaged and time.

In EcoSport, the instrumental panel is very stylish with all the digits and fonts giving an athletic approach. It is very aptly illuminated. Love the styling of the needles and the cool blue background lights. The instrumental panel has been split into four different sections which show various information.

With the new EcoSport, Ford also debuts SYNC which is a after product of combined efforts between Ford and Microsoft. The SYNC helps control the different entertainment as well as mobile options via voice commands. The SYNC can be operated via controls mounted on the steering also. The novelty of SYNC in not just mobile and entertainment connectivity but also a life saving feature known as Emergency Assist. This feature is an industry first and is complimentary for the life span of the car.

Mahindra Quanto Vs Ford EcoSport: Performance

The EcoBoost engine is the smallest engine in its class and Ford’s first three cylinder engine in the country. It produces a power output of 125PS and a peak torque of 170Nm. Other than the EcoBoost, there is the 1.5-litre TiVCT 4 cylinder petrol engine which churns out 112 PS power at 6300 rpm and a peak torque of 140Nm at 4400 rpm. Diesel seekers get an option of 1.5-litre TDCi intercooled turbocharged diesel engine. This engine produces a peak power of 91PS at 3750 rpm and a torque of 204Nm between 2000 to 2750 rpm. The TiVCT engine has an optional 6 speed automatic transmission option.

Ford EcoSport
Ford EcoSport

This compact sub 4 metre SUV gets a compact 1.5L, 3 cylinder mCR100 engine which has a twin stage turbo charger. This pint of an engine produces a maximum power output of 100 bhp at 3750 rpm and a torque of 240 Nm at a range of 1600 to 2800 rpm. This engine is equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission.

Mahindra Quanto Vs Ford EcoSport: Conclusion

The Ford EcoSport clearly comes out as a strong winner as it leaves the Quanto in dust. Feature rich, more engine options, automatic transmission and ultra modern looks make the Quanto look a dinosaur in front of EcoSPort. The EcoSport which sells in greater numbers than other compact SUVs has proved itself. The waiting period of the petrol unit has been stretched to 6 months. Though, there were some dark clouds on the EcoSport as close to 973 units were voluntarily recalled owing to the repositioning of low Plug Control Module (GPCM) as it was vulnerable to moisture.

Mahindras are however not taking things easily either. They have slashed the prices of Quanto by Rs.44,000 which some interpret as the EcoSport effect. The company also plans to take it to Nepal and gauge the market there. At the end of it more competition is for the benefit of the audience, the Indian consumers.