Honda Jazz Petrol/Diesel MT Vs Hyundai Elite i20 Petrol/Diesel MT

Tuesday 28 Jul 2015, 9:40 AM

Known to be the only premium hatch at the time of its launch, the Honda Jazz initiated a new category of small cars in India. With a tail boot lid, it did fit in the hatchback type but at the same time, the features inside were as rich as a C+ segment sedan. It is sold as Honda Fit in other parts of the globe. Launched in 2009, the Honda Jazz had no immediate rivals in India. It marked a debut for the Japanese car maker in the hatchback scene. Recently, it received a new generation makeover with a plethora of changes which transformed its look and feel. Importantly, in addition to the petrol motor, it also got a mileage friendly diesel engine. Looks promising for sure but how does it fair compared to the elite offerings.

That the Hyundai i20 was launched to push Maruti Suzuki Swift’s dominance is a known fact and to a great extent it succeeded. However, Hyundai has never been content of its achievements and accomplishments. The new generation Elite i20 proves the same with great confidence. Ravishing looks, tweaked interiors and improved riding dynamics make the Hyundai Elite i20 look the right opponent against Honda Jazz. We take a look at both of them in our spec-feature compare.

Exterior and Interior Design: Honda Jazz Vs Hyundai Elite i20

In terms of design, the new Honda Jazz gets mixed reactions. Some find it unique while the rest find it a bit overdone. It might intend to look like a daily commute but at the same time has serious potential to resemble a mean super-hot hatch. A single piece front with a short hood profile and a mono rear shape with an elevated roof integrated spoiler needs something as trivial as dark matte alloy wheels, side skirts and a pair of sporty exhaust.

In the Honda Jazz, large doors at front and rear have eased up the egress and ingress for even taller passengers. One need not crawl on his knees to enter the cabin and the same applies while exiting. The extension of wheelbase, reducing the travel of rear suspensions and relocation of fuel tank has indeed helped the knees, elbows and shoulders of all occupants to have a better breather of a space.

There is nothing subjective about the way the Hyundai Elite i20 it looks the best compared to any other hatchback in its range. Its modern Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 lines flow in unison throughout the body. The Elite i20 gets wrap around headlamps and their positioning gives a wider stance. It gets a sketch line on top giving an impression of DRLs as seen on the flagship Santa Fe. There is a slim profile between the bonnet lip and the front bumper.

Inside the Elite i20, smart storage options like the storage area under the central armrest is of great help. There are twin cup holder on the central area and a console tray to keep mobile phones, IPods and other small utility items. It gets a glove box with an inbuilt cooler. All the doors have beverage holder pockets. There is a map pocket behind the front passenger seat only and not behind that of the driver’s seat for reasons unknown. The luggage area can take bags and other items worth 285 litres.

Performance: Honda Jazz Vs Hyundai Elite i20

The 1498cc diesel motor in Honda Jazz makes 100PS of power and generates 200Nm of torque and comes equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission. The higher torque rating of the motor makes it ideal for highways and long distance commutes. Targeted towards the city centric, the gasoline 1198cc iVTEC makes 90PS of power and generates 110Nm of torque. This engine comes mated with a 5-speed manual transmission. Powering the Elite i20 is a 1.4L U2 CRDi engine which has been tweaked to improve power and torque delivery. The 1396cc diesel engine produces 90Hp of power and 22.4kgm of torque between 1500 to 2750rpm.

Conclusion: Honda Jazz Vs Hyundai Elite i20

Which one is better among the two? The Hyundai Elite i20 will attract the ones looking for a modern looking smart hatchback with tons of features while the Honda Jazz will appeal the mileage seeking kind with a fuel efficiency of 27.3kmpl.