Yamaha plans to launch a sports Tourer based on the MT-09

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Yamaha has been launching a number of models in the two-wheeler market in the last couple of years and most of them have been runaway hits. Be it the racing segment or comprising the average daily bike requirements, Yamaha has come up with splendid answers. Riding high on their success, it seems the Japanese company is all set to go ahead with a sports tourer version in 2015. This would be based on the MT-09 and will be a new addition to the MT range of mortorbikes of the premium two-wheeler company.

Yamaha plans to launch a sports Tourer based on the MT-09 | CarTrade.com
Yamaha plans to launch a sports Tourer based on the MT-09

Though no formal announcements have been made, what appears from the images is that there are a plethora of similarities between the 847 cc MT-09 and the upcoming tourer version, which has a TDM shape. Quite a number of aspects have been remodelled and restructured on the basis of the high-performing MT-09. The 3-cylinder motor, which has been expertly positioned in the MT-09 has the similar positioning in the new TDM based model. The exhaust and silencer lining follows a similar pattern, though it is expected that the final model will have a slightly different outlook. The frame and swinging arms is exactly modelled on the highly popular variant. Wheels and their brakes can be easily recognisable in the image as designed on the MT-09. However there are few differences, as well, which were evident in the images. The air intakes have been made slightly different from those of MT-09. The fairing and the design of the fuel tank have been slightly remodelled to fit the taller new variant. Due to its slightly bulkier size, the design of the seats has been slightly modified. The rider can be expected to have an increased upright position as the handlebar height has been hiked only slightly. Once this bike comes out in the markets, it is expected to compete with the likes of V-Storm of Suzuki and Versys 1000 from Kawasaki.

The stronger points of the MT-09 have been the engine and its chassis. So, it is expected that the new tourer model will go ahead with the same, as well. Once, the research and development has been done, it is expected that the test model will be out and it will be easier to predict the detailed specifications.

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