VW could launch its low cost brand by 2016

Friday 21 March 2014, 17:47 PM by

Speculations opine that Volkswagen will decide on its budget brand by second quarter of this year. Decision will be taken by the company’s board. Volkswagen had been facing difficulties from the very beginning for its budget brand project. Earlier the company grappled to suffice its innate minimal manufacturing standards despite satisfying the budget limitations.

VW could launch its low cost brand by 2016 | CarTrade.com
VW could launch its low cost brand by 2016

Volkswagen already has 12 co-brands under it, with a new low budget brand inducting in the market it would be the 13th sub brand from the German car maker. Until now things were not clear whether company would be investing on a new brand since it had not come across viable reasons to make such a huge investment.

However, it seems that things have finally fallen in place and the project details will be presented to the board for their approval this summer. Reports suggest that if the broad approves the project, Volkswagen might bring the production ready prototype by either 2016 end or early 2017. The first car to be launched under the low budget brand could cost close to £ 5000 which is equal to Rs 5 lakh. China would be the main market where Volkswagen would sell its budget car, besides China other emerging markets like India, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Baltic region and Africa are also on radar.