The New Kawasaki Offering - Ninja H2

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Kawasaki, the renowned two-wheeler manufacturer, has officially released a video of its newest offering, the Ninja H2. It has been marketed with a statement of ‘Built Beyond Belief’ and is set to be inaugurated at the Intermot Motorcycle Show, which will take place at Cologne in Germany on September. It is a tribute to the 1972 edition of Mach IV H2, which had a two-stroke 750 cc mill. Kawasaki has also declared that the styling of this bike has been designed on the basis of the 1972 model Z1 Super Four, a 903 cc sports bike and the three-cylinder 500 cc H1 model.

The New Kawasaki Offering - Ninja H2 |
The New Kawasaki Offering - Ninja H2

There are several speculations over a lot of matters regarding this new offering from Kawasaki. Whether or not the four-cylinder supercharged engine that was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013 has been utilised here is still a mystery. There are even questions whether H2 will be a supercharged ZX-14R. Kawasaki has given out few details regarding this matter.

The brand declared that the bike has been influenced not only from the motorcycle division of the company, but from a collective effort from the entire aerospace of the company. All experts from all fields within the company have contributed somehow or the other to develop the styling and technology of this bike. Kawasaki is also expecting a huge market for the H2 since it is a show of the collective strength of the production unit as a whole. Apart from that, it is modelled on some of the best-selling models and is expected to be exactly where the sports bikes world is heading today. Also, this offering will greatly enhance the engineering prowess and technological advancements of the brand and might as well change the face of Kawasaki forever. For now, the video and a website is what fans have, as they wait eagerly for the specifications and detailed information on the H2.

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