The importance of using seatbelts while driving

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It is extremely important to wear seatbelts while driving, be it for short distances, all the more for long drives. Seatbelts are designed to restrain people within their seats during a crash. This is mainly done to prevent the crashing of the person against the windshield, which can cause fatal injuries. Also, the seatbelts limit the movement of a person who is driving, thus ensuring that the person stays at his or her place, in the event of a topsy-turvy accident. Whenever there is an accident, the energy transmitted during the crash or a bump to the driver might cause fatal injuries. The main work of seatbelts is to hold the person in his or her place through the unlikely event of an accident. Modern vehicles have been provided with all sorts of safety equipment additionally to the seatbelt, but its importance remains the same.

The importance of using seatbelts while driving |
The importance of using seatbelts while driving

Statistics have revealed that using seatbelts lower the risk of drivers by a huge margin of 57 per cent during an accident. This percentage is calculated when the car is moving at slow speeds. At higher speeds even, the accident probability reduces by 47 per cent for the driver. Also, the reduction in risks for all members reduces by 63 per cent at low speeds and 57 per cent at higher speeds, when seatbelts are used.

According to more recent data, seatbelts are effective in sopping fatal injuries by almost 50 per cent. Serious injury prevention was done at an increased rate of 45 per cent on the usage of seats belts and 25 per cent in the case of minor injuries. All these facts have pointed out to the same conclusion that wearing seatbelts is absolutely necessary in modern day driving. Be it for the rear seats, more so in the case of front seats, seatbelts are necessary for a safe experience on the roads.

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