Suzuki Swish gives tough competition to Yamaha Ray

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The past few years have seen an immense rise in the demand for automatic scooters in the Indian market, due to which a flurry of new models have been launched, thereby increasing the competition as well. Yamaha and Suzuki, which were essentially, bike brands, are competing with each other in the scooter segment as well. Yamaha Ray is one of the most successful models in its category and dominates the Suzuki Swish, which, also, has not done too badly. A comparison between the two would definitely tell the difference and if one is superior to the other.

Yamaha Ray has won innumerable accolades from various organisations for its top class performance and success, which is a testimony to how well this scooter has done. Voted scooter of the year 2012-13, this model is a combination of style, utility and functionality. It features a bright and dynamic headlight that is mounted into the front lace and integrated with turn signals. In addition, a V shape cut has been given to provide a jewellery look.

Suzuki Swish gives tough competition to Yamaha Ray |
Suzuki Swish gives tough competition to Yamaha Ray

There is a double layer rear fender that offers excellent mud deflection by following the movement of the tire. The crystal lens panel in this scooter not only looks pretty, it is pretty functional as well, providing all necessary information. Easy leg shield, inner box convenience, comfortable seat and technical suspension for stability are other highlights of this scooter. Yamaha Ray is powered by a 113 cc engine that has the ability to produce an output of around 7 BHP. This scooter is available at an ex-showroom Delhi price of INR 45566.

Suzuki Swish, from the outset, looks like a solid vehicle that has a simple yet appealing design. It would be a vehicle that attracts people who do not like too much of extravagance and yet would want their scooter to be decently stylish. Attractive taillights, sleek, aerodynamic design, built-in turn signal and stylish silencer cover makes this scooter score high in terms of appearance.

Suzuki Swish gives tough competition to Yamaha Ray

Other highlights of this model are easy to read instrument panel, spacious under seat storage, multi-reflector light, telescopic front fork suspension, comfortable seat, trendy tail light and aluminium grab bar. Swish from Suzuki features a 124 cc engine that enables it to generate a power of 8.58 BHP along with a top torque of 9.8 Nm. This scooter is available for an ex-showroom price of around INR 48241, which is slightly higher than that of Yamaha Ray.

An inch by inch comparison between these two models would put Suzuki Swish slightly above Yamaha Ray, be it in terms of power or features. However, the Yamaha Ray has better looks, is lightweight and performance wise is superior to Suzuki Swish.

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