Suzuki Hustler likely to arrive in Indian auto market

Friday 27 December 2013, 11:39 AM by

Suzuki Motor Corporation has recently unveiled its mini car called Hustler at the Tokyo Motor Show. The mini car, along with its coupe version was showcased at the event and the company officials gave a hint that these models will soon be making way to India. Name of this model is believed to be based on a 1969 off-road motorbike called Hustler 250, which is still acknowledged by avid bike riders.

Suzuki Hustler likely to arrive in Indian auto market |
Suzuki Hustler likely to arrive in Indian auto market

Suzuki Hustler is incorporated with modern technology. The standard and coupe versions of this car are equipped with a 658 cc 3-cylinder engine. Both the models are 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide and have a good ground clearance. Exterior of this mini car are provided with Sports utility Vehicle (SUV) look and interiors are designed commodious for the utmost comfort of passengers. The only difference between the two versions seems to be the dipping roofline of the coupe. Apart from that, the duo even share the same wheelbase of 2,425 mm with the same overall weight of 790 kg.

Suzuki claims that the streamline body style of Hustler reminds of “a cool young person wearing a baseball cap with the peak rotated around to the back”. Interiors are lumped with comfort features such as seat-back tables, solid surface luggage area and folding rear seats to accommodate extra luggage. It has been designed meticulously to keep up with the modern day requirements of prospective buyers. Suzuki Hustler can be termed as a practical mini car with all the necessities required to carry passengers in a soothing and safe manner.

Experts are of a view that when this model will arrive in India, it is likely to attract youths and families. The dynamic outlook of Suzuki Hustler is conjectured to turn some heads and it will certainly appeal to a wide range of buyers who buy a car with sole purpose of commuting. With all prerequisite features included in this mini car, it will be compelling to see its performance on Indian roads.