Street Triple Owners offered Compensation by Triumph

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Triumph Motorcycles had marketed the Street Triple as capable of producing 104.7 bhp, both on its official website as well as on the product brochures. This bike seemed to be a good value-for-money choice as compared to the Kawasaki Z800. However, the products, which were sold in India, were detuned from the first lot itself. It did not turn out quite well though, for the fans who opted for the model. The bikes from this brand, which were sold in India, were identical with the ones marketed in Brazil. The bike had a rating of 78.24 bhp as deduced by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as part of the homologation process. Despite this rating, the company continued to claim that the bike, which were marketed were identical with the European counterparts. Now, it seems that going for Z800 is much better than getting something else for another promise. The online forum is replete with the comparisons of Kawasaki ER-6n and Z800 with the Street Triple and it is better to check out these, before going for any model.

Street Triple Owners offered Compensation by Triumph |
Street Triple Owners offered Compensation by Triumph

There were definitely rumours few days back that Triumph would be compensating the owners of Street Triple, who were misguided by the hyped power output display. There has been an official declaration about the same from the manufacturers, though the details have not been provided.

Triumph will offer Street Triple customers with the option of getting official Triumph accessories, which have a net worth of 1.5 lakhs INR free of cost. The other option is customers will get 1 lakh INR cash back. There are no other options, as against the rumours that the manufacturer would buy back the models or offer illegal modifications. Undoubtedly, the start has not been quite good for the British company in India and if these are the standards they wish to follow, the highly competitive Indian market might not have a good place for them in future.

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