Sebastian Vettel: A legend in the making

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Sport, by its sheer nature, encompasses a world in itself, which is formed by players, coaches, officials, critics and fans. There are so many sports played around the world, which have their respective champions. It is unimaginable what it must feel like to be called the greatest in the history of a sport, be it any. One such spectacle that has given the world many heroes is Formula One motor racing. Since its beginning, this sport has seen many talented drivers who have displayed their skills behind wheels, thereby registering their names in history. There are many drivers in the history of Formula One that can be considered as contenders for the 'greatest ever' tag. This coveted list might include the likes of Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. However, there is one name that, somehow, critics do not put in this category despite incredible statistics is Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel: A legend in the making |
Sebastian Vettel: A legend in the making

If one just puts Vettel's statistics into context and compares them with other greats, there is no valid reason why the German should not be put on the list. Sebastian Vettel is only 26 years old right now and even at such an age, he has won an incredible four world championships, that too consecutively. His achievements can be considered much biggest considering how young he is. The Red Bull Racing driver is the youngest to win Grand Prix, score a podium position, win a World Championship and set fastest time in an official session. Not only this, he holds the record for most championship points in a season and most consecutive Grand Slams. A mere glance at these feats automatically suggests that here is a truly special Formula One driver. However, as they say, 'you cannot get everything in life', Vettel's story has been the same. Vettel's supporters and, perhaps, he himself, would feel a little bad for the treatment the current World Champion is given.

Opinions have been divided on Vettel's candidature for the best ever driver. Some feel has the potential to become the greatest driver in the history, considering his age and form. However, a vast majority of fans and critics feel that it is only because of his car that Vettel has been able to achieve these feats. Although it is true that the Red Bull racer drives the best car in the circuit, his talent behind the steering wheel is cannot be questioned. People who have worked with him in close quarters have spoken about what sets him apart from others. A source close to the German claims that Vettel works really hard on identifying areas where he can take an advantage during the race. Also, he has an amazing eye for detail, which has helped him achieve so much.

There are some pretty logical reasons that can be stated to prove that Vettel still has a long way to go before becoming the best ever. The fact that he has won all his titles with Red Bull Racing would go against him as a lot of all-time greats have become world champions with more than one team. And needless to say, Red Bull Racing has been producing the best machines in Formula One for a number of years now. On the other hand, Vettel, maybe because of his dominance or car, has not faced stiff competition from anyone, not even team mate Mark Webber. The likes of Schumacher and Senna had to fight hard, competing with the likes of Hakkinen and Prost, respectively. However, there is no way one should underestimate the talents of Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. Lastly, a great way for Vettel to silence critics would be to win a World Championship next season when rule changes will apply.

For a lot of people, including his contemporaries, Vettel in on his way to become the best of all time. Lewis Hamilton, in an interview to a famous tabloid, said, "It is an incredible achievement for such a young individual. He is in a class of his own, and he is on his way to becoming the greatest driver in F1, if he is not already.”