Royal Enfield Parade on Independence Day would be a great tribute

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The Independence Day, though a national holiday in India, can be regarded as a festival that everyone loves and celebrates for their various personal reasons. While some celebrate it for the patriotism, for others it is about flying kites, meeting friends and having a good time. The latter group is larger but some, who form a part of the former, really take things to another level. For instance, the Royal Enfield, an Indian company now, participated in the Republic Day parade by performing a bike exhibition. Similarly, a parade could be held on Independence Day that would involve a group of bikers riding throughout the country, holding the National Flag and showing the love for their country.

Royal Enfield Parade on Independence Day would be a great tribute |
Royal Enfield Parade on Independence Day would be a great tribute

At present, patriotism is on a high in India with new Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi working overtime to ensure that the nation is on the right path. According to sources, the former Gujarat Chief Minister, who single-handedly turned the tide for BJP-led NDA and helped them defeat the Congress-led UPA. The PM is known for his patriotic speeches and the kind of passion he exudes is quite similar to level of power and pride Royal Enfield bikes rub off on their owners.

A parade by a group of Royal Enfield bikes, be it the Classic or the Bullet series, would definitely be worth a watch, encompassing what the brand stands for, pride, power and passion. If a parade like this does happen, it would not be anything new for the public as it has seen many such rides in the past, wherein bikers ride across the country, forming quite a spectacle that must be beheld. Though nothing of the sort is happening at present, should a Royal Enfield parade take place on Independence Day in the National Capital, it will something worthwhile and substantial.

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