Royal Enfield Continental GT now available in new black colour trim

Thursday 05 March 2015, 16:16 PM by

Popular bike manufacturing company Royal Enfield is offering its latest model, Continental GT, in black colour. The new shade is called signature GT Black by the firm and the addition has had no effect on the bike’s price. All these colour trims of the Royal Enfield Continental GT (black, yellow and red) are available at price of INR 2.4 lakh (on-road Mumbai).

The Royal Enfield Continental GT, known as the Café Racer, is powered by a single-cylinder air-cooled engine that has a capacity of 535 cc. This bike is inspired from Royal Enfield’s 1965 Continental GT and was launched with the intent of uncomplicated and pure motorcycling experience. The company, according to its own words, wanted to bring the Café Racing culture to India with this bike’s launch in 2013. Royal Enfield Continental GT’s new black colour is symbolic of the origin of the motorcycle that is rooted in the 1960s.

Royal Enfield Continental GT now available in new black colour trim |
Royal Enfield Continental GT now available in new black colour trim

Features that maintain the retro theme of the bike include low-profile black fuel tank with knee recesses, genuine clip-on bars, low set handlebars and chrome upswept exhaust. The credit of designing the chassis of this bike is shared by Royal Enfield and United Kingdom-based firm Harris Performance. In fact, the chassis of the bike plays an important role in ensuring that the experience of café racing via handling and riding is delivered. The tyres, by Pirelli Sport Demon, facilitate excellent gripping while the brakes by Brembo have an exceptional response level.

Not surprisingly, the Continental GT has performed really well in several international markets, getting appreciation from both critics and consumers. It has also played an important role in the manufacturer’s attempt to compete with top brands in the 250 – 750 cc bike segment of the market. Also, the Continental GT has managed to woo a section of bike lovers in India.

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