Reasons that make Royal Enfield a great buy in India

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Ever heard that thump from a long distance that makes your heart beat grow faster and faster, and then as soon as the sound gets better and closer, your heartbeat increases rapidly. Well, you are right; we are talking about the great Royal Enfield. The reason for the word “great” here is that the legacy of the motorcycle is far beyond any manufacturer in the world. Royal Enfield came to India in 1949, and since then its been here, evolving year by year, centuries by centuries, taking the hearts of many Indians with it.

Reasons that make Royal Enfield a great buy in India |
Reasons that make Royal Enfield a great buy in India

In 1955, the Indian government wanted a motorcycle for the police and the army, and due to heavy and rough usage, royal Enfield was chosen as the most suitable bike for the job. Till now, the Enfield bikes are made in India and also exported to America, Australia and South Africa. Royal Enfield was considered the only true touring motorcycle that was manufactured in India. In the past few years, the Bullet company had majorly focused on two basic things that the brand depends upon - riding and going miles. The company has stopped advertising its bikes and has conducted many festivals, rallies and various events that mainly focus on making Royal Enfield owners interact with each other and develop a strong relationship. The company organizes the annual riding festival in Goa in which riders from all over India come and participate.

From the early 50’s till now, there have been many changes in the Royal Enfield. The new bikes come with stunning looks, best riding comfort and unbreakable engine performance and fuel efficiency. The unmatchable performance of the bikes are very intimidating and can take on anyone's heart. Also, when you see a Royal Enfield, the first thing you notice is the engine. Every part of the bike goes through multiple checks until it is ready to ship. Royal Enfield has been in India for more than five decades and has proven its place. It is the motorcycle loved by everyone in our country who has a classic taste for styling.

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