Pre-owned car: A good choice during economic crisis

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The Indian economy has been going through a terrible crisis for a prolonged period of time now. There is deep anguish and tension among citizens across the country, who have been hit badly by this slump. The value of the rupee has been depreciating consistently, reaching its lowest in about two decades. One of the immediate repercussions of this fall in value has been the rise in prices of vegetables, electronics, fuel and cars. Like the people, industries have also been hit by the economic slump, which has hampered their profit margins. The auto industry is among the ones that are suffering the most due to this fiasco. Demand is slow, sales are dropping, fuel rates are rising and costs are continuously increasing for car makers across the country. In order to protect their profit margins, companies have also raised the rate of vehicles, something that has further reduced the demand. Due to the high prices, buyers in India are going for used cars instead of purchasing new ones.

Pre-owned car: A good choice during economic crisis |
Pre-owned car: A good choice during economic crisis

Cars produced by Maruti Suzuki have pretty high resale value, which is the reason why a lot of buyers go for used vehicles like Alto 800, Swift and WagonR. The Alto 800 is one of the most successful cars in the Indian auto market at present, which generates tremendous sales. Introduced as a replacement for the M800 hatchback, the Alto 800 has performed beyond expectations. The Alto 800 features the wave front design that comprises smooth curves, a prominent wheel arch and sloping windows. Other highlights of the exterior of the Alto 800 include jewel-finish rear combination lamps, petal shaped headlamps and stylish grille. Interiors of this hatchback have been designed to maximise the spaciousness, thereby ensuring complete comfort to the driver and the passenger. This compact hatchback is powered by an F8D 796 cc engine that generates around 46 bhp of power and peak torque of 69 Nm. According to company claims, the Alto 800 renders a mileage of 22.74 kmpl, which is one of the reasons why a lot of second hand models of it are sold.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift can easily be considered as the most successful car in its segment. Industry experts feel that a purchasing a pre-owned Swift is a really good option for all people who want a good hatchback at a reasonable price. It comes in two engine options, which includes one diesel and one petrol version. The petrol variant is powered by a K-Series engine with VVT that has a displacement of 1197 cc and generates an output of around 85 bhp. On the other hand, the diesel variant is equipped with a 1.3-litre DDiS powertrain the churns out 73 bhp of peak power and up to 190 Nm of torque. The Swift hatchback is one of the most recommended pre-owned cars for buyers in India due to its efficient engine and enhanced driveability. The biggest reason why experts prescribe buying of pre-owned Maruti Suzuki cars is the easy availability of maintenance services and spare parts.

Pre-owned car: A good choice during economic crisis

Another brand whose pre-owned cars are strongly advised for buyers is Hyundai, which manufactures the likes of i10, Eon and i20. The i10 hatchback has performed exceptionally well in the Indian car market, giving its rivals a run for their money. This hatchback from Hyundai comes in two engine options, both of which are equipped with petrol powertrains. One variant of the i10 runs on 1.1-litre iRDE engine that is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. This engine is capable of generating an output of around 67 bhp along with peak torque of around 100 Nm. The other version of the Hyundai i10, powered by 1.2-litre Kappa 2 engine, churns out around 78 bhp. According to statistics, sellers of pre-owned cars receive a lot of enquiries about the Hyundai i10, thereby establishing it as a good second-hand vehicle.

To put things in a nutshell, it is really important to manage expenses during tough economic conditions. Experts feel that price sensitive buyers should go for pre-owned cars as they are cheaper as there are no extra costs applicable, such as registration or insurance, that need to be borne. Apart from this, buyers of used cars do not need to bear the cost of depreciation. However, anyone purchasing a pre-owned vehicle should carry out a detailed analysis before making a decision to avoid any gaps.