Oscar, Flip-up Helmet from Steelbird up for Sale at 1179 INR

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Steelbird, one of the oldest and most experienced names in the field of helmets for bikers, has launched a new flip helmet, Oscar, together in collaboration with BIEFFE. Coming with a back and chin ventilation, the helmet allows air to circulate inside it. This provides the rider with fresh air, which is effective during long rides. All better in summer, when a short ride can become tiresome due to no circulation of air inside the helmet.

Oscar has a chin guard, which can easily be flipped up, thus converting it to an open face jet helmet. The sharp design and the predator style of this helmet is apt for modern sports bikes and has been dexterously crafted to match with almost all modern bikes in the market.

Oscar, Flip-up Helmet from Steelbird up for Sale at 1179 INR | CarTrade.com
Oscar, Flip-up Helmet from Steelbird up for Sale at 1179 INR

Steelbird has stated that world class quality, utmost safety standards and highly innovative features have been blended beautifully to build this Oscar flip-up helmet. It has been termed as an ideal gear for all those who are looking for style, safety and a comfortable yet compact head gear while riding bikes. High impact ABS has been used to design his helmet that will absorb all the impact during an accident. Though the helmet is quite sturdy, its lightweight aspects make it convenient to use. The polycarbonate anti-scratch coated visor makes sure that the vision of the rider stays perfect even under dusty and smoky conditions. The Oscar helmet has a single button flip-up designer interior, visor locking system as well as a Rachet locking system of visor, which effectively absorbs vibrations occurring at the time of impact. This absorbs the vibrations produced during a collision and minimises head injuries. Some other aspects of this helmet are that it comes with Anti-theft Ring, polyester webbing in the chin-strip and water tight spectra guard.

Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director of Steelbird Helmets, was present at the launch of the Oscar. He said, “This is another example of Steelbird’s endeavour to provide relevant and innovative offering to its customers.” Shailendra Jain, who is the Head of the Sales and Marketing Steelbird Helmets, was also available for comments on Oscar. He said, “Delhi as a very strategic market and this segment is approximately 30% of overall helmet Segment. With the launch of this Product, customer will have more options in ‘Steelbird’ flip up segment helmets.” The price tag for this helmet has been fixed at 1179 INR to 1519 INR and is available in a number of attractive matte-finish colours.

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