Learn super biking at the California superbike school camp in Chennai

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Riding a super bike might give you that ultimate adrenaline rush, but it is not a cup of tea for all. Incidentally, the enormous powertrain of such bikes need a fair bit of training before you put your hands on them. It is a monster of a machine and has to be tamed to perfection to ride it swiftly without hassles. On the contrary, a super bike can best be enjoyed only in the case where you have mastered the art of riding it. There are few places in the world, which actually organise a training camp on how to ride super bikes. One of the most popular training organisations on how to ride super bikes is the California Superbike School. Incidentally, this school is the one, which organises training camps in India to encourage and train more people to take part in super biking.

Incidentally, the California Superbike School has been in the business for quite some time now and a detailed 4-day experience at this organisation can allow you the honour to learn the basics of super biking. The training school is back in town and will be organising two camps at the Madras Motor Race Track, which was originally known as the Irungattukottai Race Track, located in Sriperumbudur.

Learn super biking at the California superbike school camp in Chennai | CarTrade.com
Learn super biking at the California superbike school camp in Chennai

The initial session will begin from 30th January and will go on till 1st of February. After a gap of five days, the second camping session will be organised from 6th of February and go on to the 8th. The fees for each camp have been fixed at 52000 INR. The best part about this camping session is that the participants do not have to bring their own bikes at the camp and a track-ready TVS Apache RTR 180 motorcycle will be provided for this purpose. However, the bikers have to come in the proper racing gear, which comprises a proper 1 or 2 piece leather racing suit. Alternatively, an armoured textile riding gear can also be utilised for this purpose with a full face racing helmet.

The sessions will be totally divided into three different levels, where more skill be focussed on each level. All the riders will necessarily have to begin their training at level one and then move on to the consequent levels. Training will be provided by experienced teachers and coaches from the California Superbike School. If you are interested in partaking at this camp, you can get yourself registered at the official website of the till January 15.

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