Jaguar XE, the most frugal offering from Jaguar till date

Tuesday 29 July 2014, 16:10 PM by

British luxury car marquee, Jaguar has been showing glimpse of its upcoming premium saloon XE. Jaguar will hold the global premier of XE saloon on September 8th in London. Jaguar will position XE as an entry level saloon priced competitively; hence this makes it one of the highly anticipated premium sedans. The latest buzz humming in automotive industry about XE is about its enhanced fuel economy. Jaguar claims the saloon to deliver a mileage of around 26 kms on a litre (please note that the fuel economy mentioned is based on EU combined cycle). Designed on the lines of Jaguar’s modular vehicle architecture, XE is apparently the only vehicle in its league to get an aluminium-intensive monocoque and lightweight aluminium constituting 75 per cent of the strature. Jaguar claims that XE is a perfect amalgamation of design and impressive ride and handling.

Jaguar XE, the most frugal offering from Jaguar till date |
Jaguar XE, the most frugal offering from Jaguar till date

Like other popular Jaguar models, XE too has been endowed with the lightweight construction dynamics with use of this sternly bonded and uncommon aluminium structure. Hence use of this aerospace-inspired technology enables the vehicle to deliver enhanced fuel efficiency and makes it the most frugal offering from Jaguar so far.

Among the many firsts, XE also brags of use of a new grade of high strength of aluminium christened RS 5754. This high strength aluminium has been developed particularly for XE. The new alloy is composed of high levels of recycled material that goes in tandem with Jaguar’s global aim of using 75 per cent of recycled material by the end of this decade. The company plans on manufacturing new XE at its newly developed purpose-built production nit located at the company’s Solihull nit in West Midlands, UK.