Jaguar C-X17 concept set to debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

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The Frankfurt Motor Show is the largest automobile event in the world, which is held every two years. Known as Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in German, this motor show occupies around twelve buildings. It gives an opportunity to car makers from all around the world to make a name for themselves by showcasing their range of vehicles. The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show has been one of the most talked about events of this year and till now, has been a roaring success. Some of the brands that will be showcasing their cars at this show include Audi, BMW, Maserati, Lexus and Ferrari. Another brand that has made name for showcasing one of its concept vehicles is Jaguar Cars, which is owned by Jaguar Land Rover. Pictures of the C-X17 Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) were revealed by the maker ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show in order to create hype before its debut at the event.

Jaguar C-X17 concept set to debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show |
Jaguar C-X17 concept set to debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

A lot has already been spoken about the C-X17 concept SUV, which is considered to be design study by the firm. According to sources, the main intention behind showcasing this car was the introduction of the advanced aluminium monocoque architecture. It is said that this framework is going to be utilised in the cars that will be launched in the future. Industry experts have praised this framework due to its lightweight and high stiffness. Sources close to this development have claimed that Jaguar, in the future, is going to build cars with this structure and efficient engines. Industry experts have drawn a lot of similarities between this framework and Volkswagen's MQB platform.

The C-X17 SUV crossover has been chosen by Jaguar as the first product with this new framework. This four seater from Jaguar has been conceptualised be Ian Callum, the firm's Design Director, who has received a lot of credit for the same. He was pretty upbeat about this new development and described the main motive behind it in a recent interview. “We designed the C-X17 from the ground up from a distinct set of principles, a deep sense of what makes a Jaguar: exciting proportions, clean lines, balance of form. Assertive and powerful, yet with a beautiful sensuality about it, the C-X17 is boldly, distinctively Jaguar,” he was quoted as saying.

Several elements of the styling of the C-X17 have been borrowed from other cars from Jaguar. As per the images revealed, the grille of this concept crossover is quite similar to the XJ saloon and rear lights like the F-Type sports car. However, all these attributes have been cleverly included to shape up an entirely new car that looks quite impressive. The C-X17 is around 4.7 metres, 2 metres and 1.6 metres in length, width and height, respectively. Interiors of the C-X17 comprise four individual bucket seats along with two 'leisure seats' in the boot floor. The USP of this crossover is the Interactive Surface Console, which is an in-built entertainment system that features multiple touch screens.

Jaguar C-X17 concept set to debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Despite Jaguar choosing the C-X17 to showcase the new aluminium monocoque structure, the first model to hit the market, based on this platform, is expected to be a C/D saloon. According to sources, this new car will hit the market in 2015 and is going to compete with the BMW 3-Series. As far as specifications are concerned, the new model is going to be launched in diesel and petrol options. It is widely expected that the new saloon from Jaguar will run on the V6 petrol engine, which is found in the F-Type. Apart from this engine, the company will be developing new powertrains for this car. Industry experts believe that the launch of the new platform is going to augur well for Jaguar in the coming future.