Indian Motorcycles set to open its first outlet in the country

Friday 02 May 2014, 15:30 PM by

Indian Motorcycles has been a strong contender against the likes of Harley Davidson in the international market. In USA the brand faced a stiff competition from Harley Davidson motorcycles. Harley has made it presence felt in the Indian market a while ago, now its 'country cousin' known as 'Indian' had made its debut on local soils. The first showroom for the American bike-maker is due to be inaugurated on May 7 in Gurgaon. The American society witnessed the first 'Indian' Motorcycle in 1901.

Indian Motorcycles set to open its first outlet in the country |
Indian Motorcycles set to open its first outlet in the country

'Indian' bikes have planned their first showroom to come-up in Gurgaon, and the next one is expected to be opened in Bangalore. The bikes are expected to be launched in India through CBU route. The American bike-maker plans on launching three cruiser bike for the local market to begin with, which shall be based on Thunder Stroke 111 engine. The Indian Chief Classic is expected to loaded with cruise control control, keyless entry and ABS system. The second in line would be the Indian Chief Vintage that comes additional features like quick release windshield and leather saddle bags. The Indian Chief Chieftian shall be the top end variant shall receive hardened saddle bags and look more masculine than its other counterpart. The bikes would range somewhere in between Rs 25.0 lakhs – 30.0 Lakhs.

Post launch it would be interesting to see the competition in the cruiser segment especially since Harley Davidson had recently launched the Street 750 at the price tag of Rs. 5.0 Lakhs. As per auto industry body SIAM, 74% market-share last year was held by Harley Davidson, thereby making it a leader in the 1,600 cc plus cruiser segment. The second key player in this segment is Suzuki. Moreover, competition in the cruiser segment gets stiffer owing to British icon Triumph’s two cruisers, the 1,800-cc Thunderbird Storm, that is priced at Rs. 13 Lakhs, and the humongous 2,300-cc Rocket-3 Roadster, that is priced at about Rs. 20 Lakhs.

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