Honda City's journey in India over the years

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Country's beloved sedan Honda City has been in the country for over a decade now. The first model was launched for the Indian market in the year 1996, the second model hit roads in 2002, whereas the third model made it in the year 2008. As per sources, the second, third and fourth generation City's are based on Jazz platform, whereas the first model was based on modified Civic platform. Over all these year, the sedan has evolved to be its best in every regard.

Engine technology and efficiency has over-gone major changes since its inception in 1996. Low tension oil seals and zigzag pattern for piston coating has been introduced reduced friction within the engine. New Plastic Intake has helped reduce the overall engine weight. The new Honda City Petrol is powered by 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine that generates a modest power output of 119 PS at 6600 rpm and 145 Nm torque at 4600 rpm. Anticipated fuel efficiency for automatic and manual version is approximate 18 kmpl, but it is said that the manual version delivers slightly lower. The new diesel counterpart features a 1.5 litre –DTECH engine that powers the car with an output of 100 PS at 3600 rpm and 200 Nm of Torque at 1750 rpm. The diesel engine is similar to the 6-speed manual transmission engine in the Honda Amaze, but the engine has undergone light modifications to deliver greater mileage. Based on ARAI reports, the Honda City diesel delivers an impressive 26 kmpl.

Honda City
Honda City's journey in India over the years

In the interiors, the car gets an air conditioning vent for rear seat passengers. The new City features an armrest and bottle holder on each rear door for convenience. The sedan is now loaded with interesting features like info-rich instrument cluster, key-less push-button start, a sunroof, rear parking camera and foldable electric ORVM's.

The new version features the same 4440 mm length and 1695 mm width as the previous version. The only difference here is an increased wheelbase of 50 mm. Honda has always been generous with cabin space and this new version with a bigger wheelbase makes it the most spacious in its class. The new diesel powered City shall only be available in six speed manual transmission option. Whereas, the petrol version shall be available in 5-speed manual as well as a CVT transmission. The gear shift quality in the manual, is refined and smooth. The clutch function has also been refined for easy in-city driving experience. The car now looks bolder, better and bigger than before. Over all these years of rolling the country, the sedan has quite well adapted to the local conditions and needs of a consumer.

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