Highlights of DC Designed Ford EcoSport

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DC Design has given auto fanatics some exquisite range of cars, altered to perfection. Some of its distinctive innovations include refurbishing a Volkswagen Polo into a sturdy looking menace whereas, revamping Toyota Innova into a luxury lounge. Recently the car modifier was in news for creating a solitary framework on Ford EcoSport and prior to that it provided somewhat a similar touch to Renault Duster. Former is an all exclusive fusion of grunt looks assisted by ostentatiously looking interior. Interestingly, no change has been made under the bonnet and primary focus has been paid on outlooks and interiors of the car. Looking from the perspective of audience, DC Designed Ford EcoSport might not display any flaw but auto experts unanimously agree on the fact that it could have been better.

Highlights of DC Designed Ford EcoSport | CarTrade.com
Highlights of DC Designed Ford EcoSport

Categorising this car in terms of pros and cons, the positive features that come out are exhibited both at its exteriors and interiors. Ford EcoSport bears a grunt design at front, with the main grille stretched much wider than the real model. The conventional headlight is transformed into a number of LEDs, which offer multi utility as side indicators and daytime running lights. Interestingly, the original headlights are circularly positioned on lower bumpers at each side. Similar changes are expected to be showcased at rear, where a rugged looking rear bumper will be equipped with an integrated exhaust.

At interiors, the typical 2+3 seat arrangement has been replaced with modish 2+2 format, which is spacious enough to capacitate passengers comfortably. Leather upholstery has been given a complete makeover from standard black colour to beige shade. Also, the main panel is replaced with the designer's stylish unit and a rear air conditioner vent is placed between front seats. Rear seat row has been merged with an elongated armrest, partitioning the arrangement into two individual seats. Both of them can recline to provide utmost comfort and apparently the captain seat can be folded down so that commuters can stretch their legs. The armrest is provided with electric console of a large LCD screen placed in the back. The screen can be rotated to varying angles, in accordance with the likes of a passenger.

Highlights of DC Designed Ford EcoSport

Seemingly, auto experts are of a view that some errors can be perceived in the whole designing. For starters, the front grille of this car is too much stretched and comprise meshes, which might not appeal to an onlooker. At inside, the car does exhibit a sense of luxury but if put against the designer's previous creation, Renault Duster, the new innovation seems partially equipped with modernity. It should be noted that Renault Duster could be revamped with an amount Rs. 3.5 lakh in addition to its original cost but DC has not divulged any information regarding the pricing of Ford EcoSport. However, it is widely expected to fall in the same range which would be another demerit as the real cost of this compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is already between Rs. 6 lakh and Rs. 9.6 lakh. Therefore, it might not suit the budget of diligent buyers.

Overall, experts do agree with the fact that DC Designed Ford EcoSport is a magnificent blend of class, luxury and comfort. Notably, Indian auto market lacks such innovatory minds and if a car gets transformed into such a stunning looking model, then it is going to turn some heads for sure.