Group of 300 bikers set new Guinness World Record

Wednesday 22 April 2015, 15:29 PM by

A large group of motorcyclists from Philippines came together in the country’s Tagaytay City to set a unique world record. Organised by Ropali, FDR Tires and Kymco, this event saw the coming together of around 300 motorcycles to set a new burnout record, something that might not please the environmental preservationists. As much flak it would have drawn from lovers of the environment, the rally managed to actually set a proper record, which went into the famed Guinness World Book.

The group of 300 bikers came together at the Tagaytay Convention-centre to produce deafening noise and set a record for the largest simultaneous burnout in the world. For several bike aficionados, seeing the rear wheels of so many bikes producing burnout smoke was a sight to behold.

Group of 300 bikers set new Guinness World Record |
Group of 300 bikers set new Guinness World Record

According to a report by Motoroids, the organisers said, “This was part of a series of Guinness World Record attempts made for the fund-raising of the National Historic Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).”

Though it might seem to be simple, carrying out such a large scale burnout was tough for several in the group of 300, who had not attempted a single one before. In order to ensure that everyone was on the same page, a training session was conducted a day before the event. During the session, all riders were informed about their task and Guinness Records guidelines, which required them to hold the burnout for a minimum of three seconds. Interestingly, the first attempt at the record was not successful but the feat was achieved in the second. Some of the bikes present at the gathering included BMW, Harley-Davidson and Ducati models. This record set by the group from Philippines broke the one set by a team of 213 bikes from Tennessee, United States of America.

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