Gordon Murray and Shell collaborate for city car concept

Saturday 11 April 2015, 14:02 PM by

Well-known Formula One designers Gordon Murray and Osamu Goto will come together for an exclusive partnership with oil giant Shell to conceptualise and design a city car, which is going to be known as Project M. According to a report by The Telegraph, this car will be designed keeping in mind the realities and problems that exist for commuters living in various cities across the world. Also, this car is expected to make its debut in the month of November in 2015.

According to the brainchild behind Project M, Murray, Goto and Shell, this vehicle is likely to be “an ultra-compact, efficient car for city use, based around the internal combustion engine”. This trio forged together a partnership a long time ago during the late 1980s, when it designed the Formula One cars of legendary drivers Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

Gordon Murray and Shell collaborate for city car concept | CarTrade.com
Gordon Murray and Shell collaborate for city car concept

A recent report featuring the mechanical layout plan, the Project M will come with a framework including T25 city car’s three seat style along with a rear engine. Notably, Project M will feature the iStream design, which has been conceptualised by Gordon Murray. The manufacturing process employed in this will use a fabricated steel frame that is tubular and features composite panels, which have been strategically bonded to increase the vehicle’s strength.

Though nothing has been confirmed regarding the engine and its configuration, sources claim that Osama Goto’s powertrain designing firm Geo Technology will take this responsibility. Despite all the hype, the trio has announced that this car will not be turned into a production model.

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