Google collaborating with Audi to design in-car Android system

Tuesday 31 December 2013, 16:44 PM by

Hardly a moment has passed since Audi's declaration of a new investment scheme, that comprised working on latest technologies and innovations. Another startling news comes in front that the car manufacturer has joined hands with the renowned multinational enterprise Google. This alliance would be officially announced at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The duo would be working on in-car entertainment and information system that would be based on Google's Android operating system. Such an innovation will allow passengers and driver to access all the features provided in the current Android devices.

Google collaborating with Audi to design in-car Android system |
Google collaborating with Audi to design in-car Android system

This operating system was launched in 2007 by Google in its compatible touchscreen mobiles and tablets. Being an open source system, Android allows its users to access a multitude of applications from its primary store called Google Play. At present, it is globally acclaimed for its simple usage and advanced user interface. Audi has attempted to utilise its astute strategies and collaborate with the search giant, to make its product range more technically sound. Experts are of a view that this endeavour would help the car maker redefine an owners perspective for his/her automobile, thereby providing them a whole new world of information and amusement to explore.

Speculations are rife that this collaboration will be challenging Apple's operating system. The iOS helps integrating a users iPhone in their cars infotainment system. However, unlike iOS, Android would be using a car's built in hardware which means a separate Android device would not be needed to perform functions. Apple had declared its intentions to collaborate with eminent car makers, to meld the features of iOS with their products. This would allow users to operate navigation and basic consoles of the car on iOS platform. Companies signing up for an integrated iOS are BMW, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Daimler. These companies would be incorporating iOS infotainment system which is expected to be seen in their upcoming models of 2015.

It is a widely known fact that Google and Apple are fierce adversaries of technology arena. Hence, the former is all geared up to take the competition to another level. Its alliance with Audi will also be assisted with famed chip maker, Nvidia and other technological companies to employ latest engineering in future automobiles. Interestingly, this is not the first time when Google has attempted to enhance vehicle's technology. The company has achieved an astonishing feat of testing cars which are capable of driving themselves with minimal or no human interference. Reports suggest that in the past, a company named Velodyne integrated its car with Google, which drove from San Francisco to Las Vegas all by itself, covering a massive distance of 4.8 lakh km.

Google collaborating with Audi to design in-car Android system

Earlier in 2013, the company stated its reasons to focus on integrating the upcoming car technologies with its innovation. Google's Chief Executive Officer, Larry Page had quoted, “We invest the vast majority of our resources and time into core products, as well as big bets like Chrome, YouTube, and Android. But as CEO, it’s super important to focus on the future. Companies get comfortable doing the same thing with minor tweaks.”

Audi and Google both have just hinted about the upcoming alliance but have not divulged any more information about the time when such cars would be ready with new infotainment systems. The news seems exciting and people are eagerly waiting to witness the merger in upcoming car designs.