Fuel Efficiency Turns to Yamaha

Wednesday 24 December 2014, 14:48 PM by

In a country that is obsessed with mileage, auto makers have to adapt the Indian standards. Doing anything other than that, especially for car makers offering a niche product to the middle budget segment, will be a disaster for both buyers and the company. To join the league of fuel efficient bikes and tap the mileage conscious segment, Yamaha has come out with new versions of its flagship bikes. The new versions, as claimed by Yamaha, are fuel efficient and provide a better pick-up all at the same time. Notably, all of this does not come for free and the new versions of FZ and Fazer will be dearer.

Fuel Efficiency Turns to Yamaha | CarTrade.com
Fuel Efficiency Turns to Yamaha

The most significant difference between the old versions and the new versions is the chassis weight. The new versions of both these bikes have a lighter chassis than that of their counterparts. There is, however, a drop in the top speed for the FZ. The FZ 16 version, which is the old one, has a top speed of about 125 kmph, whereas the newer one, FZ Fi 2.0 offers a top speed of 116 kmph. Not an avid fall and not significant to normal commuters, some enthusiasts may just turn their head away owing to this.

The company also claims that the new models will feature a new modular design. The newer design provides better aerodynamics for stable and safe riding. With 5 different color options, the auto maker also gives 3000 km/ two-year warranty and 8 free servicing with these models.

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